Palo Pinto Gold

Palo Pinto Gold

A Texas Ranger turns bad and murders his partner for gold and greed and is hunted down by the son of the man he killed.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:western u.s.,  

A Texas Ranger turns bad and murders his partner for gold and greed and is hunted down by the son of the man he killed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Palo Pinto Gold torrent reviews

bill b (de) wrote: fucking weird brutal stuff.... not for everybody. Megumi Kagurazaka's boobs are kicking asses :)

rocky k (fr) wrote: With stunning visual effects but plotless weak script,Hisss is just a lame movie which depicts nothing new but just the same old bollywood drama.

Kyle B (us) wrote: i watched a little bit of this on the scifi channel and it sucked

Lavonc C (br) wrote: this movie is hella crazy but i love it

Dana H (jp) wrote: Oh my goodness! This movie what can I say. It felt slow and like it would never get exciting. I mean you get to a part where it's building up and the fights scenes are amazing and wonderful and then the next minute your like What in the World!?!?! Either way this movie is in my collection and maybe one day i will watch it again to see if it feels better. Still love Tak though.

Jos M (mx) wrote: Film noir, uno de los mejores de los 90's.

Kaya H (fr) wrote: The last 20 minutes may be a little unnecessary, but it's not ruining the Movie

Francheska Grace C (de) wrote: Like the Harry Potter and the High School Musical this is so beautiful..It is all about the cheering..

Bill J (us) wrote: Through me completely into Alzhiemers with ur date of 2002? Knew something was wrong, but couldn't figure if it was my mind or misprint? "1985" =D

janu d (it) wrote: aamir khan was amazing period.

curtis f (es) wrote: this movie is Tarantino at his best.

Stella D (gb) wrote: one of buuel's greatest mexican films, or let's just say greatest films. far more compassion than i was expecting from the great cynic in a religious setting and a great performance by paco rabal. open to many interpretations

Antonios g (us) wrote: it a movie you will enjoyed but has some bad stuff in it at least it better that part two

Agustn S (ca) wrote: Sin City earns it's R-Rating with some truly unsettling moments and themes, it's gory and strangely rewarding execution and an atmosphere that is as breath-taking to look at as it is harsh and dark. It's special effects sometimes bring down the grandeur of it's visual style, and the narrative may be to brutal for some, still, the movie has a varied, interesting cast of characters and plenty of style to be worth the watch.

Leroy D (mx) wrote: Might as well be called 80's the Movie. Greatest movie soundtrack of all time. Acting overall was pretty terrible but Morris Day and Jerome steal the show every time they show up. If you don't feel any emotion at the end when The Revolution finally plays Purple Rain then I'm sorry you're a robot.