Pals of the Saddle

Pals of the Saddle

The first of eight "Three Mesquiteers" Westerns to star John Wayne.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:55 minutes
  • Release:1938
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:escape,   murder,   spy,  

Foreign agents are smuggling monium (a chemical used in producing poison gas) into Mexico. The three Mesquiteers bet involved when they ride to save a girl (really a government agent) on a runaway horse. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John B (mx) wrote: The film is just sad through and through. The poor kids get manipulated into climbing a mountain when they clearly are not physically able to do so and their so called guardians are so taken with the notion of taking blind kids up a mountain that they forget to look after their well being. Very very very sad.

Rudy G (jp) wrote: This movie was awesome....a mixture of gore...and mistery!!

Ash M (es) wrote: Great story line that was very poorly executed.

Marcus W (ca) wrote: Too much melodrama, not enough squall

Christopher B (br) wrote: "War is Hell"and 'Platoon' lets you know that without reservations. This is a gripping, insightful portrayal of the Vietnam War with mostly realisitic performances and frightening war scenes. My only nitpick: some crucial moments could have been acted better by a couple actors, namely Charlie Sheen.

Luc L (de) wrote: The main character who is a protagonist and he torches his ennemies??? Anyway, the movie is a bore.

Leigh B (nl) wrote: was a little toddler the first time I saw this movie. I wondered when I was little why did Sidney Poiter and Bill Cosby jump in the water to get that money. I first saw that movie on a Saturday evening. They sung the song "How I Got Over" at the end of the movie. Then I went to church the next morning and the choir sung that song. Billy Cosby and Sidney Poiter's characters were gullible fools in this movie. I guess this was a part of the plot of the movie. They were already broke and they let Richard Pryor's con artist character rip them off. "Why me? Why not you?" They just don't make funny black movies like this anymore.

James L (jp) wrote: One of my favourite all time war movies, I can never watch it to many times.