Pam Ann: Non Stop - Live from New York City

Pam Ann: Non Stop - Live from New York City


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Pam Ann: Non Stop - Live from New York City torrent reviews

Pamela R (nl) wrote: Lovely, poignant small story about kindness and family.

Syed R (it) wrote: A terrific documentary on Wayne White who's done work on Pee Wee's Playhouse and a bunch of other smaller things like his art. He brings in a great view on how some people treat art and the smugness that comes with it. Also he talks about his art style and how fun and enjoyment is what makes his art so special. Overall, it's a must see.

Rich F (ag) wrote: A good twist on the super-hero found footage film genre

Jordan A (de) wrote: I really liked this film. Shows the sad lives that most stand up comedians have in a beautiful and moving way. It also bring Apatow in more dramatic stuff, which I like.

Mike B (nl) wrote: Properly sentimental. I love that Kevin Bacon did this. Excellent, subdued performance; certainly one of Bacon's best. I'm sure he took a big pay cut to do it, and he has my respect. Thanks for making this film.

Scott R (us) wrote: An artistic view of a Portland accidental homicide involving teens. There were long moments of artistic contemplative shots. I mainly wanted to see it to see Portland, but this movie was neither good nor bad. It was however at times beautiful, and it did capture what it's like to be a teen in an fashion that tries to capture how teenagers think about their situations.

George C (nl) wrote: Maybe. Only because William Hurt is in it.

Mitchell W (ca) wrote: watched it...but don't get it (and not b/c it started @ midnight)

William B (mx) wrote: This is the best movie about Jesus I have ever seen. Robert Powell played Jesus, and I like the way he portrayed Him, both vocally and physically. The Sermon on the Mount was a particularly great scene as was the one of the woman about to be stoned for committing adultery.

Alexi H (fr) wrote: made me somewhat sympathic to her, but felt her delusional nature was not as obvious as it maybe should have been

Scott M (ca) wrote: so bad it's soooo good. love me some Gina Gershon!

Brian F (de) wrote: I guess this is what you would call "minor Franco." By that I mean: you'll like it if you're a die-hard Franco fan (like me) but if you don't like Franco (or, more likely, if you have no idea who he is) you won't like it at all. It's got Soledad in it (in a minor role, though) and some other good B-movie figures but the movie is not nearly as weird or exciting as the plot suggests. Oh well, it's still not too bad if you like the director.

Matthew B (ru) wrote: George S. Patton Jr.: "The above quotes are all erroneous, and grievously so, except for the very first!"The story is about a hard nosed controversial general is shown in this WW 2 movie about how to win battles and look good doing it.Movies back in the 70's was the dark age of films. Graphic, brutal, dark and took many chance's with it's shocking scenes that left many people cold and speechless. Until one late night when this movie came on TV and I only heard a couple of things about it but nothing much. So I was there acting all cocking thinking "Oh classic movie eh? well blow my mind classic movie", then I started to watch and I really got into it, to the point where I understand why people raving this has a classic and this movie was a lot different then the other 70's movies at the time. It's a World War film with some amazingly well shot scenes of the battlefield and the horrifying impact that everybody had to go through.George C. Scott was just terrific in this movie playing George S. Patton. I didn't see George C. Scott in this role, I just saw the real guy in front of me and he completely disappeared in this role and became the real thing, and that's just top notch to me.The cinematography in this movie looks like it took a long time to get the perfect shot and needed the right timing, and for that I give the cinematography team respect for actually trying to get the right shot. The directing and the writing has well was pretty stellar and freaking well done.For problems I only have one and that is: The movies paste can drag a little and... really that's it. Overall Patton is a brilliant war film with excellent acting and outstanding cinematography.

LA L (gb) wrote: Zombies that can run! A great remake that is almost as good as the original - the acting is definitely better in this. Very well done, Ving Rhames was great; I enjoyed the whole Andy and Kenneth friendship thing. A highly entertaining remake that goes straight for scares, thrills and chills.

Tucker S (gb) wrote: Very underrated. Maybe David Lynch's best movie, as well as most overlooked.