Montcerf, the last village before Abitibi. The forest, the night, the silence... twigs snap, big black boots make their way forward cautiously. The hunter on the hunt. With tenderness and simplicity, documentarian André-Line Beauparlant plunges into this world and paints the portrait of six hunters. Alternating between interviews and hunting sequences, the film overflows with breathtaking authenticity as it touches subjects such as love, death, and religion.

Montcerf, the last village before Abitibi. The forest, the night, the silence... twigs snap, big black boots make their way forward cautiously. The hunter on the hunt. With tenderness and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paola B (gb) wrote: Being introverted, unable to communicate ,bullied and lonely: the path to tragedy and madness. To be seen

Adam E (nl) wrote: i've only ever dabbled with the prof ds games with my girlfriend and found them to be quite a lot of fun. But this movie blew my tiny mind! starts out simple enough but just goes bat shite mental by the end! from a theator that turns into a boat, then to an island and then watching a giant robot it was all alot to take in in one sitting! And i aint a stranger to bizzare films by any means but there was no link what so ever, just one crazy jump to another! the characters are just background dressing for the big reveal later but professor and luke are fun to watch. the puzzles linked into the film are great fun and gives it a sense of interactivity. the plot is err well just watch and find out as its that mental it would require some form of graph to do it justice and i dont have the time or the patience to do one ;) .overall thou quite fun to be honest. probably more fun for fans of the game but a casual viewer will get some cool stuff outta it. Entertaining and fast paced and a confusing muddle for anyone who has not played the game its a good giggle :)

Anthony T (mx) wrote: A pretty decent action comedy. Nothing really special. Worth watching but wouldn't go out of my way to see it.

jesus h (us) wrote: nice but fail to meet many things

Jimmy D (jp) wrote: very intense, well done.

Jesse F (us) wrote: A decent and fun way to say farewell to Hodder as Jason Voorhees.

Grant S (mx) wrote: Very very bad. Contrived, boring, lame. Casper Van Dien shows how little acting ability he has. The South African extras actually do a whole lot better in the acting stakes than the lead actor! Jane March does OK, but not sure why she was in this in the first place. After having done a few rather steamy movies (The Lover, Color of Night) I guess her agent told her to do something wholesome and family-orientated, to appeal to a wider demographic.

Scott M (us) wrote: Awful 'comedy'. I watched this once when it was shown on network television, and I hated it. I can imagine that the only reason why this is available on DVD, is because 'starring Academy Award Winner, Kim Basinger (LA Confidential) can be printed in the blurb on the back cover.

Steven H (jp) wrote: Excellent Altman film. Phillip Baker Hall gives one of the greatest acting perofrmances I've ever seen.

Scott R (it) wrote: Sad and tragic. It's thought provoking, but not something you watch. For entertainment.

Liam P (ru) wrote: It takes forever to take off (literally forever!) and takes itself so seriously but is otherwise silly but entertaining. Helen Hayes as the elderly stowaway is by far the best thing about this film, she won an oscar for her note perfect performance, scene stealing at its very best. Shame the film around her is mostly forgettable.

Nick S (de) wrote: An interesting film from Lang. Watch it out of sheer curiosty if you're a Lang Fan.

Marilena G (br) wrote: It works if you are looking for a predictable run-of-the mill romantic comedy. Other than that, it sort of fails to impress on almost any level.

Maximiliano D (de) wrote: Gone Girl marks Fincher's tenth feature film and his most mature work since Fight Club. Centering on Nick Dunne, a husband desperately trying to find his wife all while having police and media accuse him of murder. Lead by an all star cast featuring Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Tyler Perry and Neil Patrick Harris, Gone Girl rises above the pack with smart storytelling, phenomenal pacing and perfect performances. What Gone Girl does so brilliantly is taps into the audience's psyche regarding marriage and the ideology behind a sanctioned union that is corrupt. It is really heavy stuff when the story really gets to the meat and bones of it all. With plenty of twists and turns, Gone Girl keeps you, not only second guessing the whole idea of marriage, but the intentions of every character in the film. It is truly one of the most twisted films adapted from an even sicker and twisted book that's out there right now. Gillian Flynn does wonders with her adaption from her own novel. The dialog is crisp, the characters are multi-layered, it truly is a pitch perfect script that doesn't have one false moment in it. David Fincher and his long time collaborator and cinematographer, Jeff Cronenweth create a dreary, horrific tone for Gone Girl that makes every twist and turn that much more gut wrenching. Every shot is meticulously planned, showing each shot as if it were a still frame that spoke a thousand words. It is truly gorgeous filmmaking. And now for the score...Trent Reznor and Atticus Finch deliver a perfect score, besting their Social Network and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo score. If Reznor won for Social Network, I fully expect not only a nomination but a win for this film. Overall, this is a mesmerizing film that demands multiple viewings to truly get the full experience. It is impeccably made, beautifully acted and an all around near perfect film.

Brendan A (ru) wrote: Not that much jumpscares at all... A found footage film is so and so... My opinion when they first started the film, it was like they were really filming a horror movie, then it got into more and more and I know when the jumpscares were coming. I would kind of recommend this movie, but not that much.

Jarrod H (au) wrote: had no idea this was a jax teller film until the other day. the whole suicide deal wasnt exactly convincing, however, with pieces of Terrence howards debacle remaining just that, that being another empty void, it equals the film out to about 60%. still a great ride.