Possessed by Devi Maa, a blessed woman predicts her own death, leaving her shattered family to deal with a look-alike.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Telugu,Hindi,English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Possessed by Devi Maa, a blessed woman predicts her own death, leaving her shattered family to deal with a look-alike. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin M (mx) wrote: Well, first of all, this is a movie aimed to kids so it should be judged as such and not be compared to the other DC animated movies. Once I said that I have to admit that, even though it has many flaws and way too many coincidences, I really enjoyed this movie as what it is: a kids' movie. Yes, I would've prefered more time with the Trinity since I thought they were the main characters instead of Karate Kid and Dawnstar, but it was still a fun movie with a good animation. So, it wasn't perfect but wasn't awful either, it was entertained and enjoyable but mostly directed to kids.

Walker F (mx) wrote: The good: the death scenes were inventive, movie was intense, special effects were fantastic, and the actors were better than most are in horror movies.The bad: Some of it was too unbelievable, miles fisher isn't a very good actor, the action sequence at the end felt out of place.The movie is better than most horror movies but it isn't a great movie.

Jacob G (nl) wrote: Sort of an extended PSA about how some students pay their bills through--ahem--less than savory methods. Most of the movie ran along the so-so, kinda bland territory. But its depiction of how she came to interact with men--particularly her boyfriend--was fairly striking.

familiar s (mx) wrote: While the trailer disappointed me, the movie didn't. Great directorial debut by Ajay Devgan.

Susan D (au) wrote: The only reason this film was not nominated for an Oscar was because of its essential Christianity. Forget the one review on this board - it's from a guy named Joel who's been attacking Christian movies for the past 10 years. The best verse I have for him: "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own sight." - Isaiah 5:20-21

Katrine M (es) wrote: an okay danish movie...

Liam O (nl) wrote: Oh yeah, Nick Nolte used to be a viable Hollywood actor.

Lui F (au) wrote: a cute romantic movie, but with famous figures

James W (fr) wrote: A viral video, red tape and mass suicide. . .how boring, who cares? There's not a single motivated character here, I don't care if they try to piece all three together. Pulse tries to make technology scary, a printer in this film prints out a picture of a ghost, the only scary thing about this is the cost of printing ink today. Kristen Bell does the best with what she can, and she does add a little bit of life into this drab movie but the main problem with Pulse is the lack of a pulse it actually has, the film is dead and lifeless, with a cold colour palette of blacks, purples and murky greens, it is so depressing to look at. The effects are all been there done that, and the dead souls aren't freaky at all. There are a few cool action shots, one being where Kristen Bell looks up in the sky as a plane crashes and explodes, Pulse does have some nice camerawork but those only last for a few seconds, then you're back to the same old bad movie. This film shares bad points and good points, nearly all being bad, with a story that isn't at all interesting.

Mickey R (it) wrote: This movie is anything but good. The story is flawed (a fervent believer in an angry christian God wouldn't dream of commiting suicide to make his troubles go away), the acting is overdone, Gabriel Byrne fails miserably at portraying an intriguing Byron (more a stuck up weirdo who if not rich would be an outcast everywhere) and the costumes and setting can't stand up to even close observation with things like lightbulbs and streaming water.

Dylan M (ca) wrote: Being nice about this film is cheap enough now to watch on cable or rent for a dollar (your dollar won't go wasted because you are about to experience 80's cheese you will remember for ever and it will sit right next to all the john h comedies and the cannon ball movies)The only person in the whole movie who isn't a stereotype is bacon (go figure). Next the whole thing is filmed decently but keeps panning back and fourth between two cities that seem to be one city,Some sort of drug peddling gunn runner bad guy,next a few characters that have no relevant part of the story except (Laurence Fishburne who is just plain awesome in any film),a bunch of montage music that doesn't fit (riding the success of footloose) and finally a watered down love story that doesn't really go anywhere just for you to watch him get chased by the gypsy and crash his car while he goes "MEEEEEEEEYYYYYINNNNNAHHA" then it ends with more 80's power to America music the end......MST3K should have bought the rights to this.

Erik W (ca) wrote: This movie may have an all star cast but that didn't make it a great movie. In fact it was a waste of their talent. There were some good parts to the movie but the majority of it was terrible. The main grace of this film to me came with Jerry Goldsmith's score, Goldsmith always delivers even if the film he's scoring doesn't.

Drew G (ru) wrote: A low brow version of "Strike Force"...has some witty lines and starts out with some creativity. But after 30-40 minutes, the story goes cliche and the jokes are old. And watch how "the announcer" in the movie is just a Chris Farley wannabe. Better though than I expected.

bill s (au) wrote: An underrated well acted(esp,Timberlake)surprise that is much better than most of the crime dramas from "07.

Christopher L (it) wrote: While it doesn't accomplish much aside from smiles, "Robots" is a joyous visual spectacle of an animated feature. I enjoyed it very much.