The outbreak of a strange, deadly virus aboard a passenger plane sends Los Angeles into a panic in this terrifying TV movie. As the virus spreads across the city and the death toll rises, Dr. Kayla Martina (Tiffani Thiessen, FASTLANE) fights to control the outbreak while reasoning with stubborn public officials, including the mayor (Eric Roberts) and governor (Faye Dunaway, NETWORK).

The bird flu virus spreads through Los Angeles as a doctor from the CDC races to find a vaccine. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Pandemic torrent reviews

alex i (jp) wrote: Genuinely scary and atmospheric to begin with, but sadly loses its way about half way thru and ends in an underwhelming and unconvincing manner.

Stacey O (ag) wrote: A bit hard to like the main character.

Arafat H (br) wrote: An instant Broken Barrier in the true sense of the word. An independent movie with class which portrays the individual spirit as well. Music which soothes your mind and a story which will break your heart. Bahman Ghobadi's latest adventure is not to be missed. A-class musical docu/fiction

Tonya V (br) wrote: No idea who/what Ben 10 is and after watching this I'm fine not knowing!

Jack M (ru) wrote: this movie is always funny with a lot of meta humor and it has a great cast full of funny people and it has a great script

WS W (de) wrote: Those < Primeval > stuff with some lousy production.

daniel k (es) wrote: i realy want to keep my friendship thus why am useing this image to remined me

Sammy H (mx) wrote: really strange but quite entertaining, if david thewlis wasn't in it though, i wouldnt be watching...

Skoobie M (nl) wrote: I must have watched this film 50 times by now

Will D (gb) wrote: If you go down to the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise. You'll meet a couple of ghost cat-women who want to eat you. Interesting classic horror from Japan.

The Tenth Muse (us) wrote: A bit much, but Donna Reed just glistens! "He's asking me now..."

Andy S (us) wrote: Very fascinating stuff this guy Anger!! Especially for it's time! I guess I like the Avant Garde, least it keeps you guessing!.....I wish I'd heard of him sooner that's for sure!!

James H (mx) wrote: 60/100. Certainly one of the more interesting Gene Autry westerns, good plot, the bad guys are destroying all the timber in a government forest preserve. Autry does what he can to prevent it, but the accuse him of poisoning cattle. Longer than most entries at 72 minutes, it has some good aerial scenes and some great singing as well.

Private U (au) wrote: I like this movie my favorite Crosby-Hope song that I like in Philippines.

Tyler N (ru) wrote: Recently watched this, and 3 of its sequels on AMC's fearfest. It seems the movies mostly famous for it being Jennifer Anniston's first film. She delivers a fine, albeit forgettable performance. The movie itself is not as bad as I would have expected, and is that so bad its good kind of thing. The make-up is well done, and the leprechaun has a few one-liners that will make you at least chuckle. That being said this is a film for those who love horror b-type movies. The plot is ridiculous, the other actors are horrible, the death scenes are laughable, and the premise is different to say the least.

Anna Q (ag) wrote: I have never seen this. But Jessie can connect many actors using this movie!

Pankaj P (us) wrote: Great movie.. Reminded me of chicken run.

Zachary M (br) wrote: Over the years, I've tried watching this movie twice. When I was a lot younger I managed through all of it and thought it was awful. So years later I wanted to see if my opinion had changed any, it hadn't. And yet, I still can't exactly pinpoint why I dislike it so much. It's not too different from the other horror slasher movies I love, and the acting is actually really good throughout most of it. So why do I dislike it so?I still don't have a definitive answer, but I have a theory. The film seems to fail to build any kind of real tension. The violence isn't an issue and the plot, which is based on a true story, is a good one to make this kind of a movie off of it. Yet nothing about it is endearing enough to make me ever care to see it in full again. Go figure.