Pandora Machine

Pandora Machine

Evil is out of the box.

Space Marines attempting to recapture escaped convicts must join forces against monstrous aliens. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zoid D (gb) wrote: A pretty decent film for a 2 days recording non-stop with a single camera.

Barry N (ru) wrote: Not very entertaining. I do understand they were trying to redo Groundhog Day for kids, but come on, they could've done better than this! I felt none of the plot lines were resolved and they lingered way to much on the other kid's reactions to what was happening around them.

Arjan M (jp) wrote: "Jesus Camp" is a look into an Evangelical children's ministry, lead by Becky Fischer. As an atheist, it angered me to watch this. Fischer is indoctrinating children, using phrases like "god's army" and "Jesus' foot soldier".

Tracy M (it) wrote: This is a funny movie with some genuine laugh out loud moments. It isn't deep, it isn't meaningful, it's simple and silly - no thinking required! Enjoy.

Rob B (it) wrote: Se nota sus intentos por ser Shrek y Monsters, Inc. Pero afortunadamente, Ice Age lo compensa por la forma en que ejecuta sus elementos, brindando una historia divertida y a su vez emotiva, y un cast de personajes memorables.

Sambhav B (us) wrote: Everything I know about microsoft and apple is through this film.

Andy P (au) wrote: Kurosawa's artfully chilling and faithful adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth is one of world cinema's greatest delights. The plot and psychology of the play translate perfectly to feudal Japan and Mifune is wonderful, his brilliantly staged death scene, transfixed in a hail of arrows, is at once tragic and beautiful.

Scott R (it) wrote: War propaganda, but it still showed how hard it can be to be a soldier so I will give it honesty points there. I do not think I will see it again.

Mirkku S (de) wrote: Very entertaining movie with great music and message. As a gamer I truly loved it.