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Pangarööv torrent reviews

Tim C (fr) wrote: After catching up on new Simpsons Family Guy American Dad An Impractical Jokers I watched this little Gem with Christina Ricci it was pretty good and you missed it Cheekie :)..

Rachel P (ru) wrote: I always love these kind of movies. Not sure why cause this would totally suck. But it was still a good movie.

Bryce L (nl) wrote: Great Canadian flick. Very well shot. Story could have been a little more investing but in the end did the job.

Aaron L (au) wrote: A really emotion filled story, with a lot of quirks. I thought this was really good for what it was and I applaud John Krasinski for his directing debut, and hope that he continues directing. Also if you think Mr. Krasinski can't act, watch the penultimate scene when he sits down with his ex-girlfriend and try and hold back your tears, seriously, really impressive stuff.

Cheri F (fr) wrote: This is an awesome movie! I loved it!

Daniel M (es) wrote: The movie was done in 2002, but the special effects were done in 1992.. Even so it happens to be funny and even thrilling at some parts, this is barely even diverging.

Abegail L (nl) wrote: LIONS gate releasing :PP

Zik R (fr) wrote: Wasn't an Oscar-worthy movie, but it was fun for what it was.

Blair K (es) wrote: absolutely love this movie. river is wonderful in it and the plot itself is interesting and you feel for the characters and shows the consequences of parents actions and how it affects their kids. the whole family are on a journey not only literally but within themselves and thus feel like they are running on empty on different levels.

Sonya W (au) wrote: I saw this before, but it was around the time it came out, so I think it is time to rewatch it.

Bobby W (mx) wrote: For anyone who thinks teaching is easy, this is real life in some districts. The teachers and the kids.

Lauren K (mx) wrote: Like all Elvis movies, this one was really fun to watch. This time, though, there were girls chasing Elvis, instead of Elvis chasing girls.

Michael Q (br) wrote: It was ok ! I guess it had a message in it ........... and I did as always like the fact that its based on true events as always.