Gaston and Leo are members of the motorized police. They are both not very clever and after yet another bungle, they are forced to conduct foot patrols. Meanwhile, a mysterious villain is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lance Q (kr) wrote: A rather controlled and somber depiction of a dark chapter in modern history, subtly echoing another tragedy that happened 16 years later. Surprisingly un-judgmental and un-sentimental for a historical film recreating despair and lowest possible form of human existence. Feng presents the multiple layers of clues and facts that lead to the ultimate tolls almost as-matter-of-factly, leaving the audience putting together the puzzles and drawing their own conclusions, which is a rather clever way of avoiding censorship and engaging the audience.Could have been A LOT grittier and more affecting. Acting is powerful in this film. However for a film depicting a major famine that claimed over 3 million lives in recent history, not much huger is shown as visuals in the film, most of the lingering hunger is talked about/acted out which reduces the general affecting power of the film.Xu Fan and Zhang Guo-Li are amazing in this film with their acting. Xu gives her most powerhouse performance yet, portraying the tough bottom-feeder hillbilly b*tch who would attempt anything/everything in defending her and her family's rights to live. However for a country woman who's been starving for over 100 days and more than willing to sell her kootch for a couple of crackers, what's with her double-chin (think Jennifer Lawrence's face in The Hunger Game -- she can act all she wants but I'm sorry, girlfriend is just NOT that hungry)? WTF happens to her makeup artist team and special visual effects people?! Adrien Brody is effectively engaging as a very eager T.H. White who's desperately trying to expose the truth, whether driven by his journalist instincts, Pulitzer, or a genuine sympathy for the poor and depraved. However don't even get me to start with Tim Robbins - why is he even in the film??? The couple of scenes he's in are cringe-inducing. Even if you edit them out altogether it would not affect the story's flow whatsoever.

Marvin N (nl) wrote: When you would compare it to A bug's life, you would be dissapointed how much DreamWorks has copied from it. While a bug's life is childish and funny, Antz uses excessive idiocy to make people laugh. Truth to be told it does not deserve 95%. Good actors have wasted their talents on this film.

Mr Movie R (jp) wrote: Such an amazing masterpiece that can never recreated nor destroyed...from our memories that is.

Jareth S (us) wrote: With such a long runtime, this movie really begins to get tedious and monotonous and overstays its welcome. You might start to feel like you're Bill Murray caught in a Groundhog Day loop.

Jerrod B (ca) wrote: Tommy Lee Jones is a pirate. 'Nuff said. I wish he'd show up in a Pirates of the Caribbean installment and go head-to-head with Depp. That would rule! This movie rocks. O'Keefe was great in here, too. It was fun watching his character evolve. He was cool in Caddyshack, but I liked him in here better.

Alex r (kr) wrote: Ghost Story is an average horror yarn that had the potential of being something truly memorable. As it stands, there are some effective moments here and there, but overall the material is mostly flat with minimal chills to be had. I enjoyed the film as a mindless time waster, but I also felt that the filmmakers could have put a bit more effort into the film's script to really make it stand out among other ghost tales. Acting wise, there are some good performances, unfortunately there are no standout performances either. Genre fans may enjoy it, and there some good things about the film. However like I said, there should have been more effort put into delivering something truly horrifying. Ghost Story is mildly chilling, and it leaves a lot to be desired. Is the film worth seeing, you ask? Well, it is, if you want something in the vein of Amityville horror, where it's not too scary, and then this is a perfect film to watch. Ghost Story is one of those films that is perfect for newcomers of the horror genre as the horror content is quite soft, but suggests more that what is going on, on-screen. In that sense, it leaves the imagination run wild, and it that respect, the movie succeeds at being quite entertaining and overcoming its shortcomings. The film could have been reworked, but as a whole, it's mindless entertainment that will appeal to new fans of horror, but for the veteran, they notice its flaws very early. The plot on the other hand is quite good, but good have been perfected a bit more to really make Ghost Story a memorable horror classic. In the end, it's worth seeing, and if you can get past its imperfections, you might like it as a cheesy horror tale.

Brad S (nl) wrote: This is a masterpiece from legendary director Akira Kurosawa is a thrilling story that deals with the kidnapping of a wealthy industrialist's son. The story is based on a novel from acclaimed noir/mystery writer Ed McBain. It stars Toshiro Mifune in his next to last collaboration with Kurosawa. Visually the film is excellent, and a compelling story drives it for it's almost 2 1/2 hour runtime. Highly recommended!

Graham S (es) wrote: You have to listen to the actors lines to get the movie. I'd travel back in time to meet Loretta Young just to see her smile.