Cinema within cinema has always fascinated filmmakers all across the globe. The film industry of each country has characteristics peculiar to their culture. That is what distinguishes them, makes them intriguing and anecdotes associated with each industry in a specific cultural context naturally lend themselves to interesting tales. The story of Baby Kusum is such an intriguing and horrifying tale. It is a story about life imitating art in a grotesque and bizarre way.

After maturing, a Bollywood child artiste longs to act as an adult. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vishnu R (us) wrote: decent film. vijay returns to form after some terrible films...the romantic angle is odd and seems forced. hardly any funny moments in the film.

Trey E (kr) wrote: It's really honest. It portrays life as it is. No embellishments. No fantasies. And it's based off a true story, which added to my appreciation of it. In some way, it makes me feel empowered to affect and cause change in this country, even if it does take some hard work and persecution to overcome.

Melvin W (mx) wrote: Lou Ford: I got a foot on both sides of the fence. They were put there early and they stayed put. I can't move. I can't jump. All I can do is wait until I split, right down the middle.Michael Winterbottom is a director who I can say, after only seeing three of his films, The Killer Inside Me being the third and A Mighty Heart and Road to Guantanamo being the other two, that I respect. It's rare that a director hooks you like that after only seeing a few of his movies, but Winterbottom is an extremely interesting direct. He doesn't shy away from material, that's for damn sure. Movies like A Mighty Heart and Road to Guantanamo show that off excellently. The Killer Inside Me does too. There's a lot of really disturbing and disgusting material, some shown and some hinted at, and also highly psycho-sexual.A small town deputy sheriff hovers between two lives, his simple life as a deputy and the other part of him that comes out. We get a lot of backstory throughout the film that explains why Lou Ford has the killer inside him and it's done in a really clever and interesting way.While this isn't as good as the other two films I've seen from Winterbottom, I still really liked it and think it's highly underrated. I thought Casey Affleck nailed his role as Lou Ford. He came off as not just a believable psychopath, but a perfect psychopath. The supporting cast surrounding Affleck is interesting to say the least. We get Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, Ned Beatty and Bill Pullman, along with some Texas accented character actors. None of them really help the movie at all, there all kind of just there, which makes sense given the main characters lack of empathy for other human beings.The Killer Inside Me is definitely worth a watch. It's not a masterpiece by any stretch, but it's a solid crime thriller with a surprisingly excellent performance from Casey Affleck. It has a nice pace and Winterbottom's direction is extremely clever.

Bront Y (ca) wrote: Quirky, dramatic, not-too-funny, interesting.

Amanda T (ca) wrote: Not as good as the book...It fits the horror genre well, however, it was very cliche when it came to romance. The book was a mix of romance and horror, and the mixture was perfected, not cliche. I still liked the movie even if the storyline was COMPLETELY different.

Michael W (us) wrote: This movie scarred the living shit out of me when I saw it as a kid.

Zoe S (it) wrote: A fun, intelligent quasi-Shakespearean tragedy. You know McAllister is doomed from the start, but you have to see how the story plays out anyway.

Nicholas G (it) wrote: The plot is both interesting and original but the scene where Ben Affleck's character suggests that all three of them should have sex with each other to resolve the conflict came off as a very stupid scene and from there on I couldn't care less about this movie.

Josh E (ru) wrote: I found this movie unnecessary. It was boring and they puss'd out Cordell. I felt the story ended well with the second one. They story Cohen came up for this one is just horrible. I heard Cohen and Lustig are planning a 4th movie...hopefully they can make one that is totally awesome and not suck crap like this one!

Greg W (br) wrote: another fish out of water tail

James B (jp) wrote: this made me on edge almost the whole time, and not in a good way

Gman H (de) wrote: Vaughn was pretty decent in this.But I had to turn it off half way through due to crappy dialogue & plot holes. [4/10]