Panorama do Cinema Brasileiro

Panorama do Cinema Brasileiro

Documentary about the first years of Brazilian cinema, until the movement called Cinema Novo, in the 1960s, with photographs and scenes of rare films. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James H (it) wrote: Bloody and at times scary low budget horror flick. The plot isn't particularly good and it does have it's share of cliche's. Only for hardcore horror gore fans.

Paulina O (au) wrote: In the category of "cute sweet and easy rom-com" it's great as it still manages to stay classy and Binoche/Reno couple is absolutely charming on screen. The chemistry between an uptight, reserved and many times rude Reno and the charming naive but oh so feminine chatter-box Binoche is what makes this movie, and, in all honesty, what the whole movie is about.

Austin R (gb) wrote: I find Denis Leary to be one of the most irritating men on the planet. He's rarely funny, not attractive, and I can't remember one movie where I've said "Oh wow! Denis Leary was pretty good in that!" I obviously did not watch Double Whammy because Denis Leary is on the front of the DVD case. But rather a different man, who I feel deserves more recognition. That's right...I'm talking about Chris Noth, [i]Sex and the City's[/i] Mr. Big... But all jokes aside... Double Whammy is the story of a New York detective (Denis Leary) who hurts himself on the job, which winds up turning him into the laughing stock of his co-workers. The detective recently lost his wife and daughter in a car accident, and spends much of his time getting high. MEANWHILE, the super of the building that the detective lives in (Luis Guzman) is getting into huge fights with her daughter. So, the daughter does what any normal teenager would do--she hires two Mexicans to kill her father. MEANWHILE, another tenant in the apartment complex is constantly trying to come up with new and interesting ideas in filmaking with his partner (Donald Faison). Eventually, you guessed it, all of the stories come together, and hilarity ensues. Listen, I bought this movie for $5.50 at Wal-Mart, so I didn't expect it to be that great (which it isn't). It's funny at times and entertaining enough that I can say that the money was well spent. I still hate Denis Leary though.

Aoife S (au) wrote: All time favourite cheesy teenage cheerleader movie with a big finish!!

Paul D (us) wrote: I highly recommend this movie. It is very entertaining and rather poignant. We saw it via Netflix.

Jason F (br) wrote: My friend though this was cheesy. Ok that out of the way sure maybe the love that takes place is a bit staged. That not the cool thing about this movie. The cool bits are what it says about appreciation for what you have and the duty a person has to live with significance, by placing personal significance on your life rather than 'going for points'. It's an admirable and simple notion.

Kaarina P (ca) wrote: Isabelle Adjani, another amazing actress

Ian R (us) wrote: Laughably awful in almost every way, from the acting to the costumes to the sets. A couple of good ideas buried under loads of shit. Even Fawcett's boobies couldn't save it...

Marilee A (de) wrote: A beautifully packaged Tobacco Road version of "Peyton Place" ,complete with the really sappy music, the Menage a Trois~ish Entaglement of having three relationships going at the same time for Troy Donahue's character Parrish McLean, with his Mother(Claudette Colbert) marrying the Ego Maniacal Tobacco Barron who Parrish hates & is trying to be the undoing of him & his former Boss at a rival Tobacco Grower (Dean Jagger).Very much the Movie Soap Opera the 60's, & the Pretty Boy Troy Donahue, were known for.Juicy in content, & Lovely to Look at not just because of it's lovely sets & scenery, so beautifully shot, but it's well chosen bevy of beauties that include Connie Stevens, Diane McBain, & Sharon Hugueny, all Love interests that complicate the life of Parrish McLean(Troy Donahue).Great acting by Karl Malden as Judd Raike as the Valley Tobacco Power Lord & Parrish's Overbearing Step father.

Julie C (ru) wrote: Pretty bad, I couldn't get all the way through it.

Art S (au) wrote: Mitchum is so laid back, so "cool", so why does he get himself involved with someone as clearly unstable as Jean Simmons? (Let's assume it's sex, but this is 1952). Basically a melodrama (with Dimitri Tiomkin's spooky piano score sweeping in at key moments), Mitchum finds himself sucked into events beyond his control. He's so removed from it all, it doesn't quite feel like noir -- until that shock ending.

Jayakrishnan R (au) wrote: 76%Saw this on 19/6/15Nick Cassavetes's take on the real life incident feels fresh mainly because of it's approach, violence and gangster movie feel The young actors are all good here, especially Anton Yelchin and Timberlake. I did not find Bruce Willis to be overacting here, but Sharon Stone is way too over the top, although her makeup and get up as the older Mazursky is good. Ben Foster also over acts most of the time. Anyway, the film slightly falters due to tonal inconsistencies towards the end.

Jim B (mx) wrote: Good girl power action movie, but why on Earth was it given a PG-13/15 rating!?

Henri H (fr) wrote: can't believe they made 4 of these

Graham D (jp) wrote: Dated but watchable with a couple of nice shocks.