A digital feature has five episodes that all deal with wild gay fantasies involving men in uniform. It starts with "Biyahe," about a jilted taxi driver and his jealous passenger who find comfort in each other's lovesick arms. The second episode is "Linya," about a lonely homeowner whose phone conks out. Two handsome repairmen arrive and they end up engaging in a dizzying threesome. Next is "Laro," about four basketball players who are taking a shower in the locker room after an intense game, and a shy guy who takes a peek at them and later joins in the fun. "Bilis" is about a hunky delivery boy in a hurry who delivers pizza to a bored yuppie who is working overtime in his office. They get instantly attracted upon seeing each other. The last episode is "Bantay," about a horny security guard in the graveyard shift. He sees two lovers fighting. Rhyme dumps Jon and Jon finds solace in the arms of the easy going guard.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:Filipino,Tagalog
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:one word title,  

A digital feature has five episodes that all deal with wild gay fantasies involving men in uniform. It starts with "Biyahe," about a jilted taxi driver and his jealous passenger who find ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brent B (mx) wrote: I can't figure out how anyone could give this move more than 1 star. It was so boring. There was no real ending to the whole storyline. So did the dad get her pregnant or what. I hate movies that not only suck all the way through but have a terrible ending as well.

WS W (gb) wrote: What's this? An etv?

Brandon V (ag) wrote: It's sort of decent, even if I can't call it all that different from some of the films whose tropes it surprisingly goes to lengths to make fun of.

Danny O (de) wrote: Such a great bad movie. Just awful but fun to watch.

Cinema F (ru) wrote: Excellent performances by the two Dames and Miriam Margolyes was hilarious as always. Every part she plays she seems to fit into perfectly. Anyone who ever had elderly aunts living together would see them reincarnated as Judi Dench and Maggie Smith. The interplay of the sisters' (Dench and Smith) personalities both within their household and with village characters and with their housekeeper was beautifully portrayed. It's true that some events are never explained fully, but I thought there was considerable psychological depth to the film. 'Ladies in Lavender', stars two stalwarts of British stage and screen, Maggie Smith and Judi Dench. They play sisters, Janet and Ursula, who live in a house on the cliffs in Cornwall. One night during a storm they discover a young man washed up on the beach below. Ensconced in their spare room, speaking no English, with a broken ankle he's the most exciting thing to happen in the women's lives in decades and Ursula develops a crush on him. Andrea who's played by Daniel Bruehl of Goodbye Lenin fame turns out to be a talented musician, stirring the interest of a German artist Olga (Natasha McElhone) who's staying nearby. The magnificent Cornish scenery should leave no doubt as to why people, artists especially have always been attracted there. The Cornish setting was breathtaking and the music glorious. The acting, the late 30's household setting, the village details, the music make this a superb story. This is not a film for teenagers. The emotional tenor of this film is absolutely haunting and exactly right for anyone of a certain maturity. It's a movie that explored in a subtle way themes of loss, love, ageing and that portrayed life and community from a bygone era. It's a very poignant and moving film. The flick gives a very lovely and sad insight into one woman's unfullfilled dreams of love and her grief. It was a delicate study about the denial of love which the two dames carried off superbly. The strength of this film was what was left unsaid -- there was enough given away to make one think about the deep emotions running just below the surface. Albeit the story has some holes in it, and is a bit cheesy at times but what is going on internally for Usrula (Dench) is protrayed subtely yet powerfully enough to carry the film.

Mo M (jp) wrote: Was It bad? No. Was it good? Sort of. My rating says 3/5 but out of 10 I give it a 6. I liked the acting styles of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and the physical humor was funny, but everything else was either stupid or had me going 'meh'

Ernest A (gb) wrote: Mother Night, good night. Fell asleep while watching. Up to the moment of dozing off seemed just a little boring.

Otto P (ca) wrote: lovely film lovely soundtrack

Andy D (nl) wrote: A little more drama at 35, but the half-hour infomercial for John's charity really took some wind out of my attention sails. Bruce, yet again, amazed me. Neil upset me. and Tony? Oh, I do love my Tony. Even if he's turned into even more of a sleaze.

Sheryl O (us) wrote: I really liked the quirkiness of this movie, not everyone feels the same way I do on this one though.

Libeth S (kr) wrote: If this such a good movie then why is it not available on DVD?

Christopher A (kr) wrote: A sort of movie that I find not many people know about because it isn't in English and another being not well known to my generation. They may rave about films like crazy bit do they have the emotional depth, poignancy, and life affirming no not likely. Ikiru is about an ordinary man's struggle to find a purpose in his life ., compound on the fact that he is dying of stomach cancer and has less than a year to live. What makes this film poignant is that people in every day life refuse to think about this part of life... facing the bitter end and finding a meaning to it all or trying to leave the world a little better place than you found it. That is what struck me story wise.But aside from its age I find that the film is finely crafted and its pacing goes along and enhances the story being told.Years later I still enjoy this film..

Nolan M (br) wrote: Uma Thurman is entertaining

Chad M (us) wrote: LOVED this movie growing up, wowzerz.

STCENTERPRISE (us) wrote: Yankee Doodle Dandy 1942James Cagney as George M. ConanFilm Starts to portray him as Shows him older. Taking off make-up in present day to film shooting 1940'sCalled to White HouseThen goes to talk to FDR about George Conan's past. To birth on 4th of July when 38 stars were on flag. I like it when a girl from Buffalo is trying to impress him as a old man but she does not realize he is wearing makeup to look old and then he dances and takes up make-up and she does not understand he has makeup on to confuse audience.Gives girl opportunity without rehearsal even though she is not on call sheet. There is action. Change in type of music. There is more than just music but it is used to tell a story rather than playing music at random in the middle of no where. It has comedy. I'll call him Mary. I like James Cagney's reacting as she tells her the lyrics. This film has a lot of great moments where the actors and actresses look directly into the camera which almost creates an intimate feeling for the audience. Great music, dancing, and acting. . Patriotic. Idealized. I liked how they used suitcase postcards to show where they traveled to. A way to go quickly from one place to the next. Teens did not know who George Conan was because not known in film pictures but only in theater. FDR gives George Conan the Congressional Medel of Honor for songs like Over There. Don't worry we have them licked. The Dancing James Cagney does walking down the stair case of the White House is Amazing. It is stunning that that was impromptu. This film I was expecting to be just like an ordinary musical. But this film exceeded my expectations. I did not know it had any basis on real life. This is not a film I would recommend to a younger audience or a group would not appreciate a musical. I liked the fact that it has comedy, tap dancing and story imbedded with music. And I like the fact that the music is not being sung at random times of the film.