Panther is a semi-historic film about the origins of The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense. The movie spans about 3 years (1966-68) of the Black Panther's history in Oakland. Panther also uses historical footage (B/W) to emphasize some points.

This fictionalized history chronicles the far-reaching changes effected by the radical group the Black Panthers during the late 1960s since Vietnam vet Judge returns to his hometown of Oakland to find it beset by violence and police discrimination against African-Americans. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew S (jp) wrote: Rebecca Thomas has created an original, eccentric and interesting character study of young Fundamentalist Morman woman who discovers an old song when she plays a "forbidden" cassette tape. She is so taken with the song that she truly believes her pregnancy is an immaculate conception resulted from the majestic powers of the song and the tape. Her older brother is blamed for her pregnancy and is banished from his family and Morman Colony. He follows his sister as she steals away in the night to find the voice behind the song which she believes has given her a child. Actor, Julia Garner, is especially affective in the role of "Rachel" and her performance plays a strong factor in what makes this independent film work. The acting is particularly strong from all involved. It is to Thomas' credit that she never resorts to blaming or examining the ideologies of Fundamental Mormanism or the cult-like ways of Rachel's Colony Family. Nor does she ever actually explore whatever sort of possible PTSD issue that is causing the young Rachel to believe she is carrying her Lord's child. Instead, she gives the film an organic and almost magical possibility atmosphere to her story and the journey of Rachel and her brother. The drug culture ways of the young rockers the two Mormans follow serves as an odd romanticism for Rachel and one of the rockers played by Rory Culkin. The characters perceptions of their respective world are altered and changed. The only negative criticism I offer this film is the pacing/ editing. The film is a slow and a bit too long. However, ELECTRICK CHILDREN does work and highlights the talents of its actors and Rebecca Thomas as emerging artists. A tip of the hat to KickStarter who played a major role in the funding of this movie.

Paul W (de) wrote: Sam has a funny glint in her eye and I think I'll be ironing my own shirts for a week. Thanks a lot, girls.

Will A (ca) wrote: Interesting. Enjoied the bits with Henry Rollins the most.

Mr Magic M (nl) wrote: I get it - Hollywood hates fathers. Fathers in Hollywood are all stupid - I get that too. Twelve year old girls (or maybe thirteen or fourteen or - who the hell really cares - are so smart and so informed - - - in Hollywood at least). OK....I got that too. I do not want to knock the talent in this was good. The actors in this flick(a) did an excellent job making the story's points - bravo! Hell, they did such a fine job that after watching this movie, I was convinced I didn't like my parents. Just kidding, I love my mom and dad - God rest their souls. In my opinion, I think this movie is a terrible example of a nice 'family' picture...if is a prime example of an anti-family film. So much paternal spite vomited from the pie-hole of some thankless, arrogant brat. I know parent-hating children are probably more common nowadays, which leads me to a point. I am not surprised when children (upon reaching a certain age) are kicked out of the family nest. They are often shocked to find that their hands do not leave holes in buckets of water when removed. Yes - that water comes rushing in to fill the voids. For this reason I was waiting for the Tim McGraw character to boot wicked Katy to the curb. Was there a horse in this movie somewhere? Oh yeah. Glue factory sounds like a plan. Mean me, but parent should never be the doormats of rotten offspring. If it were me, I would load Katy on the next bus, and stay on the porch until the bus was completely out of view. I would definitely want to make sure that useless, greedy, heartless kid was gone. I swear that Katy-kid acted more like the spawn of Satan as opposed to the child of Rob and Nell McLaughlin. you can guess...this movie does not warrant a '10' from me. I think someone in charge hates their daddy and we are all supposed to blindly climb on-board the 'I Wish Daddy Was Dead' train. This was a very difficult movie to watch (even if I were to hate my parents). The acting and scenery were all very good. But the story...what a hack-job on parenting and family. I cannot recommend this to anyone.

Nadia H (es) wrote: couldn't stomach it to the end. it was just bad acting, poor [no] story ... waste of time.

Lisa B (us) wrote: An ok story, but i think it would have been better with julie walters in it, and ricky tomlinson not in it! lol.

Brian B (kr) wrote: I had never expected to use the phrase "Juliette Lewis is the best thing about this movie," but here I must, though it's akin to saying, "Skipping work after chemo is the best thing about having cancer!"Nevertheless, her she reaches the height of her whole "Trailer Trash Ingenue" thing with impressive results. Alas that the rest of the movie is so crammed with dull stereotypes I don't even care to talk about....

Eric F (de) wrote: Few movies have snuck up on me like "Billy Liar" did. It starts out a bit familiar - there are some wonderfully stylish touches in the fantasy sequences, but the dreamer stuck in dead-end jobs didn't seem remarkably new. However, it's in the last half an hour that "Billy Liar" plunges headfirst into the grim realities of Billy's life. We had seen him as a trouble-maker, a free spirit, but that's until we realized his anxieties. The film isn't just about being stuck in a mundane existence, but simply being unable to leave it... even when you have a ticket to the train that'll take you right out.Billy Fisher (Tom Courtenay) works an unsatisfying shift as a clerk for funeral directors Shadrack (Leonard Rassoiter) and Duxbury (Finlay Currie). He is an aspiring writer, however, and begins to lie to his friends and coworkers that he is writing gags for a television personality by the name of Danny Boon (Leslie Randall). Coincidentally, Danny is in town to cut the ribbon for a new supermarket.This lie is not the most bizarre of Billy's fantasies. He has a series of daydreams in which he is a military general and ruler of a kingdom he calls Ambrosia. When he becomes disheartened by his dull life, he sees himself leading men to war. These worlds even marry, as when his nagging parents (Mona Washbourne and Wilfred Pickles) frustrate him to the point where he fantasizes shooting them with an automatic weapon. The arrival in town of Liz (Julie Christie), a traveling free spirit soon to head to London, is the perfect opportunity for Billy to leave his parents and job. She's the perfect woman, the sort of girl who, in any other movie, would be improbably ideal. Billy makes it as far as the train until he turns back and purposely misses it by buying milk (a perfect metaphor, as in the prior scene he was confronted by his mother in a hospital).We root for Billy to escape, and we expect that he will throughout the entirety of the picture. When our expectations are left unfulfilled, however, it only makes the last act more powerful. Billy is tied down by his fears, his anxieties, his need of a mother despite how unpleasant she may be. "Failure to Launch" this is not, in that it doesn't condescend the man who can't leave home but sympathizes with him as a poor forgotten soul.The film was Julie Christie's first breakout performances, and she's simply enchanting. Tom Courtenay, resembling a young Ewan McGreggor, is unforgettable in his gradual descension from supposed playboy to lost child. While "Billy Liar" takes awhile to pick up steam, by the end I was blown away by how much the filmmakers and actors had tied me in their web. It's not a perfect movie, but there aren't many that have had more of a resonating impact on me by their last frame.

Vahni T (kr) wrote: Ben Affleck is so good at direction that he did 2 movies and both of them are so good.The Town was tense and suspense, with a great cast and their great performances this movie becomes one of the best movie of the year.

Eric H (de) wrote: This film examines the troubled ten-year marriage of a tempestuous couple, moving about in time and place to paint a complete picture. Initially, the chronological jumping around is disconcerting and confusing. Eventually, however, the episodes add up to something interesting, providing an absorbing portrait of the rise and fall of a love affair. Donen goes a bit overboard with his cinematic tricks, trying too hard to be chic. Hepburn and Finney are excellent as the sparring couple. The scenes involving their friends (Bron and Daniels) are quite amusing. The latter couple has what is probably the most obnoxious, spoiled child ever put on film.

Bunny R (kr) wrote: Pretty cool movie very occult ^.^