Pants on Fire

Pants on Fire

Jack Parker has always skated by on his lies, especially the one about Mikey, an underprivileged (and made-up) teen who Jack "tutors"... until one day "Mikey" shows up for real, and all Jack's lies start coming true.

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Fabriio C (nl) wrote: Maybe th best neorealistic film about the Italian WWI... A tragic film driven by an ironic view

Dakota L (us) wrote: Definitely one of the darkest comedies out there. Hilarious at parts, but not as consistent as it should have been. Overall, I liked it much more than I didn't like it.

Brian K (kr) wrote: A visually opulent but listless and oppressive movie about a femme fatale living at a time of war.

David B (br) wrote: may be a little aimless but deserves a recommendation its nice to see the crystal-meth side of life rather then all them heroin addiction movies (there seems to be very little difference between the two) as in your just in a state the whole time yeah, although on heroin you can sleep a lot compared to very little sleep on this stuff, my advice is do both at the same time and balance it out yeah. I mean who ever died of a speed ball john bulushi he was fat chris Farley he was fat its fool proof unless your fat. no but really don't do drugs life is hard enough without being out of your head, no I mean being out of your head cause life is hard but not. right get out of your head but only sometimes and don't die while your at it.

Mark A (ca) wrote: Polish Wedding is a largely forgettable movie about a free spirited girl, Hala (Claire Danes), and her earthy, sensual mom, Jadzia (Lena Olin) and sad sack father, Bolek (Gabriel Byrne). Hala runs the streets at night, while her mom is having an affair with a guy at work, and her dad sits at home and mopes. The polish accents sounded forced, and were entirely unnecessary, but must have been meant to emphasize that these people were outsiders. This viewer found them annoying. The story followed a fairly predictable arc and the only thing that kept this viewer engaged was the radiant beauty of Ms Danes. Three stars, just for her.

Pat M (gb) wrote: This movie is Hysterical!!!! One of the classics of all time!!!! It is definitely an underrated comedic film...Recommended to anyone over 18...I can watch this over and over again without getting fed up with it!!!!

James H (fr) wrote: Charlie Chaplin plays a wallpaper contractor's assistant. Through various hilarious site gags and comic scenes, he made a mess of quite a few things. Once again, his comic timeing is pure genius, as is his physical humor.

Sue P (ca) wrote: good film, sure they missed loads out though lol

Patrick W (ag) wrote: If you took the greatness of the first 300 film, watered it down, added Greek ships but still managed to toss in some good female nudity, you'd get this film. Not nearly as good as the first one, but still fairly entertaining if you have nothing to do on a rainy afternoon besides folding laundry.

Steve W (nl) wrote: This buddy cop movie does something a bit different. Instead of them both being cops, one is a wise-cracking streetwise criminal, the other a hard assed detective. Together, they must track down a duo of nasty cop killers. The racism is hard to take in, but its a statement on the period of the times. It also allows for a nice starting point for the tension and distrust, until the development that leads to these two men respecting each other. With just the right amount of thrills and laughs, 48 Hrs is solid fun.

Dilhara A (fr) wrote: obsessive. somewhat interesting. didn't enjoy it as much as I did when I watched it as a teenager.

Helena M (gb) wrote: An avarage movie, both Clint Eastwood and Burt Reynalds were OK.