• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:45 minutes
  • Release:1999
  • Language:
  • Reference:Imdb
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Panzas torrent reviews

Cameron C (es) wrote: I don't know. I just found it overrated. Great visual effects on the based on a true story movie.

Stann S (ca) wrote: This is a funny movie. Not the funniest, but funny. Anna Kendrick's deadpan delivery works great with Craig Robertson's pimp/mogul/Anti-Christ. Having her and her boyfriend (John Francis Daley) deal with the end of the world with the same observations that a later-teen couple would deal with regular life problems (like explaining to God why they shot Jesus with a giant lazer the same way they would if they rear-ended his car) just works. This is a lampoon of the silly, modern rapture mythology that treats it as seriously as the subject deserves. Many of those who think this subject should be treated more "deeply" would also say "The Leftovers" is too serious. I laughed. Watch it.

Heather M (br) wrote: This was a wonderful redemption story. The cast was great and the plot was fast paced with a brilliant ending.

Rohan D (nl) wrote: The most hilarious comedy of the year!!

Asim D (kr) wrote: [b]In The Mood For Love:[/b] [i]Masterpiece, god I love this movie. No rating can do this film justice its just a perfect movie.[/i] [b]Starksy And Hutch:[/b] 5[i] out of 10; very entertaining, very derivative, very forgettable, but a great night out none the less.[/i] [b]In America:[/b][i] 8 out of 10;[/i] [i]an extremely sweet film that elicits maudlin level emotions with such sincerity and subtlety that is becomes a marvel of storytelling. This is the kind of movie that makes you leave with an elated feeling that everything will work out.[/i] [b]Memories:[/b] 5[i] out of 10; Three tales told from three different anime visionaries fails to work on a thematic level and the entrancing visuals fail to make up for it. An ambitious conceit plagued by pointless ambiguity and bewildering tone shifts.[/i]

Katie J (au) wrote: realy want to see this

Sanna A (kr) wrote: The film describes well people's prejudices against something different although I must say Dreyfuss's character was so domineering that Hunter's family members' reactions were completely understandable. I found all the characters believable.

Alex H (br) wrote: This movie is a masterpiece. With fantasical artsy direction with its hypnotic pacing the film takes you on a journey with Sabrina to discover about our basic instincts for reproduction and violence. The movie also brilliantly shows the value of upbringing and how when you lose your innocnece it can lead to the losing of your mind. It also shows a life of sex and voilence is unsustainable and will inevitably spiral out of control until as the movie so aptly puts it "all you will gain is death".

Chris W (jp) wrote: It's early, schlocky PJ, so I'm in.

Bob W (de) wrote: Appropriately titled screwball comedy.

Emil H (nl) wrote: Semi-crappy "modernistic" ride-a-car-really-fast type action starring Tommy Lee Jones and Linda Hamilton...

Jessica O (ru) wrote: Weird start but overall pretty funny. I laughed! '

Brett H (it) wrote: This kung fu classic still works today with it's impressive fight choreography, tight direction, and memorable moments featuring the legend himself, Bruce Lee. The story is a simple revenge tale, but the island locale and diverse group of fighters in the tournament keep it fresh engaging. Bruce Lee really was the man, and his astounding speed and martial arts skills were in a league of their own, and his presence on-screen is felt. The climactic fight in the hall of mirrors is exceptional and the villain was almost James Bond-esque with a deadly, interchangeable left hand. It's a shame that this was Lee's first and final film in Hollywood before his death, but he left behind a great legacy which spawned many imitators *cough* Mortal Kombat!