Papa, Mama, the Maid and I

Papa, Mama, the Maid and I


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Papa, Mama, the Maid and I torrent reviews

Randy L (gb) wrote: interesting - worth seeing. formally mediocre. lots of gaps.

Alimuaman A (es) wrote: salma hayek funny it is

Kim S (us) wrote: They're both cuties. It had it's moments of giggles & sadness. CHICK FLICK!

Jason R (ag) wrote: An interesting look into one of poker's most notable, notorious talents. Unfortunately, the poker, which was always such a major part of his life, is glossed over in a lot of ways; heavily summarized without showing much more than a glimpse into what made Stu so brilliant. That said, the cast is good, and the set pieces work very well. But for how it is billed, it disappoints.

Vera G (us) wrote: It??s ultra-cool, ultra-stylish, with over-the-top characters and unconventional direction. I really liked the weird little part-time gay hitman Yamada who totally stole the show.

Orlok W (es) wrote: The Grimm Brothers classic tale of horror comes to life--A fun and gripping tale of terror without all the gore!!

Rhys F (gb) wrote: Tripe! This film has all the subtely and feeling of a cheap porno! As a newby to the series I immediately saw the potential of the story, and the possible opportunities with some of the great set pieces and settings. However this is all largely wasted by a technically incompetant film which leaves you feeling cold and on the outside of the action. Note to film maker: Samurai swords good. Guns Bad.

Guillaume H (ca) wrote: An interesting slice of 80's urban hillbillies, thug-punk flavored, with bits of new wave. Really good soundrack. Some tableaux are so strangely offbeat they are Lynchean for a second, like southern gothic stranded in the middle of LA, but it sometimes becomes just odd, 10 miles past hammy and awkward ( it might be what they aim for, though). The story takes its time and sometimes takes leaps that are not ideally assembled but on the way it drops interesting flashes about the mindset of the period. Most characters are so dim, with motivations and behavior that are so ill thought out, its hard to put up with them but again they offer a good picture of the American dream going down the drain.

Imran M (au) wrote: u see this vedio plz vote it

Matt B (es) wrote: Cop Out is flat-out horrendous. It's not for a second funny (no wonder Bruce Willis, its own star, spoke harshly of it). Tracy Morgan does his best to save it but he can't. The script is already unfunny and filled with every buddy cop cliche in the book.

Jordon J (gb) wrote: The most frustrating thing about Jeremy Power Regimbal's directorial debut is there's part of a very effective thriller here. It's just not the good part. It starts off great but just continuosly get's sloppy scene after scene, Dissapointing i say SKIP IT!!!