Paper Lion

Paper Lion

Sportswriter George Plimpton poses as a rookie quarterback for the Detroit Lions for a "Sports Illustrated" article.

Sportswriter George Plimpton poses as a rookie quarterback for the Detroit Lions for a "Sports Illustrated" article. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam K (jp) wrote: Manakamana isn't a movie in most of the normal senses, and it isn't worth judging in comparison to other movies. As an ethnography, I'm not really sure it does much more than give a brief snapshot into a few individuals' lives. I guess the whole thing is vaguely framed as a spiritual thing, and theoretically everyone on the cable car is going to or coming from a temple, but it really just feels like commuting footage, watching people take a bus or a train. This is essentially as boring and prosaic as you'd expect it to be, and the philosophical points to take away from it are not especially interesting - it's an inversion of narrative, focusing on the majority of time in our lives when we're not really "doing" the things we define ourselves by. The people in the art theatre where I saw it made a bunch of suuuuuper bland insights about tradition and modernity and spirituality that I really think were so obvious that they only seemed worth mentioning because those are our narratives about Nepal. The interesting and redeeming thing about Manakamana is its hypnotic quality. The gentle swaying of the cable car, the steady scrolling of the landscape, and the subtle drone noise soundtrack lull you into a state of placid receptiveness. The film is so sparse that, grasping for some relatable moments, small human interactions that wouldn't even be noteworthy in any other context become hilarious, touching, unbearably awkward. The sense of humor translates pretty well through that filter, especially the three metal kids. I'm not sure I'd recommend Manakamana to anyone who wasn't explicitly interested in experimental filmmaking and with a pretty good patience for slow-paced art films, but I enjoyed it.

Dan M (mx) wrote: Words can't fully express how horrible this was, Direct to DVD and it shows in a major way. If you want to see a crappy homemade version of Independence Day starring one of the guys from Kid N' Play, this is for you.

Floyd C (ru) wrote: Pretty good 90's gore flick with a decent and easy to follow plot, as well as, acting that is definitely a step above most films in this genre. the effects are great as well, even stomach churning at times. Overall, this is definitely one that genre fans should check out, Gordon (director of "Dolls", "From Beyond" and "Re-Animator") once again delivers.

Thomas C (es) wrote: As french comedies often manage to do, Delicatessen intrigues for its odd humour, its mix of genres and the uniqueness of its acting. And the whole thing almost exclusively in tones of yellow.

TTT C (ca) wrote: Here's another film rating.

Justin S (nl) wrote: A bit strange and artsy. It was pretty funny at parts. It's probably not for everyone, but I enjoyed it.

Michael C (mx) wrote: Be who you are not what others want you to be and who cares what others think, love you for being you. Cliche, but all teens struggle with this and this movie is a funny yet poignant telling of a tried and true story. Good movie.