Paper Towns

Paper Towns

Quentin Jacobsen has spent a lifetime loving the magnificently adventurous Margo Roth Spiegelman from afar. So when she cracks open a window and climbs back into his life-dressed like a ninja and summoning him for an ingenious campaign of revenge-he follows. After their all-nighter ends and a new day breaks, Q arrives at school to discover that Margo, always an enigma, has now become a mystery. But Q soon learns that there are clues-and they're for him. Urged down a disconnected path, the closer he gets, the less Q sees of the girl he thought he knew.

After an all night adventure, Quentin's life-long crush, Margo, disappears, leaving behind clues that Quentin and his friends follow on the journey of a lifetime. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Darren L (us) wrote: Lots wrong with the production. Bordering on so bad it's good. Script was good. Courtenay was good and convincing. Casting for Jamie not at all convincing. Sound was poor. That all said would I watch it again, probably.

Viktor N (es) wrote: Not at al as bad as I thought.. It was actually rather thrilling at times.. Not the best in the genre but Not the worst either.

SFG 7 (us) wrote: 02/10/09 "When it comes to screwing up their lives, some people don't know when to cry uncle."

Eric Y (kr) wrote: In this case I thought from the bad reviews that this movie sucked, but this film was a riot tons of funny sex jokes, nazi and Taliban jokes. Also this movie is extremely offensive, even 9/11 jokes. But dark comedy collides in this entertaining thrillride

Simon D (fr) wrote: Bad movie and I don't mean bad in a Jacko sense. The acting in this is cringeworthy, as are the montage scenes when all these desparate stranded grumpy bickering destitutes suddenly pull together with big smiles on their faces winking and high-fiving each other. Truly awful. Dennis Quaid has become a sign of a bad movie for me.

Paul Z (nl) wrote: Burnt Money, a provocative, severe crime thriller from Argentina, begins like a Spanish- language Guy Ritchie narrative, with an assembly of criminals arranging a heist. Yet the heist is over in a glance. The lion's share of the story is the impact of the job. So much of this film seems already acquainted, from its appealing crime thriller stylization to its narrative echoes of Reservoir Dogs, Heat and Bonnie and Clyde, that when it takes one of its unprecedented turns it overcomes you. There are a lot of unforeseen detours.The opening introduces us to Angel and Nene, gay lovers who live in a murky Buenos Aires apartment. A narrator notifies us that they are known as "the twins." After showing how they met, in a grungy public restroom, the narrator distinguishes the one telling way they are similar: "the still eyes, the lost glare." The knifelike center on character relationships, and the novelistic way the story is divulged through sequential narrators, featuring internal monologue, prepares us to pull back to enmesh the "twins" in the heist. Neither they, nor the story, are as they appear.Leonardo Sbaraglia plays Nene with scorched vigor. He has the loose-hipped walk of a younger Robert Downey, Jr., yet oozing even more with suggestiveness. His underhanded approach to life is not smug or justified, but rather self-assuredly devoid of any overeagerness or vanity. Eduardo Noriega brings a preyed-upon sentimentality to Angel. We feel at first as if he may be slow, and perhaps to some extent he is, but in a way that is lost in emotionally charged internalized delusions, a return to the primordial dilemma. He seems afloat in dissolution, a dream state readily seen. And their emotional holding out becomes a game that neither wins. Where they are intimate, there is peace restored, and there are religious obstacles.The robbery of an armored car goes awry. The thieves, one of them injured, must stay completely out of sight. Law-sided demoralization and violence are initial drives of the story's turning point though not at the center. The film, which is based on a true story, offhandedly concedes that the lines separating cops from robbers are obscured, but its focus remains tight on the robbers.One should not write this film off as categorized for a gay target audience. Though it revolves around the two implicitly loving leads, Burnt Money seems to compete with much more vivid heterosexual pairings. Nene swings both ways, and Cuervo, the getaway driver played by Pablo Escharri, has a girlfriend who figures integrally in the plot. After the men flee to Uruguay, police beatings push the left-behind girlfriend to give them up. Their status revealed, the robbers must stay out of sight, pressures mounting. Anti-gay implications add to the enmity. They don't trust each other, everyone keeps a gun at hand, but attachments gradually solidify nonetheless.Burnt Money could have almost been made in the 1970s, when a film with the promise of spectacle in its subject matter was almost expected to take the more complex way to the end, no matter what the end may be. And yet the film reaches a climax we've seen so many times. Nevertheless, even in its brutal execution which extrinsically offers not much in the way of variation on a device dating back to the original 1932 Scarface, it maintains a theme of dissolution, a dream state made real to them, of feelings taking over, a theme which, in the end, makes the film its own beast.

Alecs M (kr) wrote: First of all, I have to say that I had to see this film on mute and only by reading the subtitles. Even though, I found great the idea of a group of people suddenly lost in the middle of the desert and pushed into desperation and the showing of the best and the worst of them. But, at the third part of the film I felt it was all already shown and there weren't enough elements to make it interesting. It's good to watch it as the experiment it was.

Elise P (mx) wrote: This is a rather innocuous "feel good" film that has more potential than realisation. The performances are great with excellent cast including Laura Linney (The Squid and the Whale), Mark Ruffalo (Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind), Matthew Broderick (The Stepford Wives) and Rory Culkin (Signs). However the plot is rather thin and while it attempts to delve into "deep" subjectmatter, death of parents, extra-marital affairs, etc it all seems a little thin and superficial. The characters sort of float and lack much motivation or depth, and it is purely the strength of the cast that carries over an real sentiment and realism. Overall the film is a pretty average light affair and is rather predictable, with good performances.

Anh H (kr) wrote: Ok so it's not one of the greatest movies of all time, but still, the flick is very enjoyable. I mean, it's gives you a good time if you're having lunch alone and have nothing better to watch. J/k. Harrison Ford, being an awesome piece of artwork as always, and the cool cat blonde chick tagging along have some serious chemistry on scenes. I bet they had fun filming it. The plot is ok, there were some cheesy part with the supporting actors. However, the sparks in clever conversations make up for em all.

Ian C (au) wrote: I thought this was the balls in the 80's. Still enjoyed it some 25 years later. James Avery is the balls as the driving instructor.

Allan P (nl) wrote: This movie is a nice bit of fun with great special effects however, for a movie that is supposedly set inside the human body, you see very little of it. 95% of the movie focuses on crazy subplots involving a cowboy, a campy James Bond style villain whose base is the corner of a car park and Martin Short being Martin Short, which is mildly entertaining and charming but mostly feels like filler. The awesome scenes of inside the body is what really appeals, it's just a shame it only amounts to a couple of minutes of total screen time. The actors all have great chemistry and work well together but the awe and excitement of what could have been a more Fantastic Voyage like epic journey through uncharted and dangerous territory is replaced with all too familiar zaniness for it's own sake. But the little of the good stuff we do get is worth it so check it out, if you don't have Fantastic Voyage on hand.

MF J (au) wrote: Well guys here we have a little beauty! film quite unknown from the mainstream audience, well the subject is a little out there, a ffilm about aerobic...hum not that easyu hey! Well if you wish to watch Jamie Lee curtis in tight real tight pants and giving it all as gorgeous aerobic teacher give it a shot! The story isn't bad & honestly is a fair entertaining film! give it a go you won't regret it!

Daniel B (br) wrote: Not as good as The Vampire Lovers but still good fun.

Eric B (it) wrote: "That Cold Day in the Park" is historically interesting as one of director Robert Altman's earliest films, but its main virtues are the story and Sandy Dennis' complex performance.Dennis enters the film in her usual insecure, whiny guise playing Francis, a lonely woman who has aged beyond her years. She has a nice, inherited apartment but mostly knows older people and has few friends. One rain-soaked day, she spots a handsome guy (Michael Burns) shivering on a park bench below her window. After he lingers there for hours, she assumes he is homeless and generously calls him inside for a bath and meal. He turns out to be mute, which only adds to his pitiable traits. She invites him to temporarily stay in her extra room.Further details shouldn't be revealed, but this initially sweet friendship darkens into a psychological duel in which we wonder whom to side with: Francis, who exploits her new roommate for companionship, or the unnamed lad, who exploits Francis for food and lodging."That Cold Day in the Park" has some dull patches, but its climax is worth the wait. Dennis carries about 80% of the film and arguably deserved an Oscar nomination. As for the Altman factor, the primary glimpses of his burgeoning style are a small part for Michael Murphy (who appeared in several later Altman projects) and, more importantly, some incidental experimentation with overlapping dialogue. The most notable example occurs in a gynecologist's waiting room -- which itself might foreshadow 2000's "Dr. T and the Women."

Rukmal F (jp) wrote: Failed attempt to keep milking the AP cow.

Fred H (nl) wrote: Clever, gory, and unpredictable. Lots of metal music, which I liked, but is fairly obscure. May not be everyone's cup of tea.