An urban office worker finds that paper airplanes are instrumental in meeting a girl in ways he never expected.

After meeting the gal of his dreams on a commuter train, a young accountant named George uses a fleet of paper airplanes to get her attention after spying her again in a skyscraper window. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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St A (nl) wrote: Once you get over the switch from English to French (via subtitles), the film is pretty entertaining with a strange concept, with a visual style that captures the seventies look, in terms of costume, music and cinematography. Extra credit goes to the use of the KISS song "I Was Made For Loving You".

Nash R (nl) wrote: Great insight into the War on Drugs. Definitely a must see.

Aki L (mx) wrote: Very refreshing to see a woman in an action lead role.The plot was obvious but never the less entertaining flick.

Arslan K (au) wrote: Noting special then another bland yet entertaining film.

Kevin R (au) wrote: More meat for the grinder.On the alien planet filled with the insects that had attacked Earth in the first film, a group of troops trying to exterminate the insects is forced to retreat. They retreat into a strange compound that at first seems perfect, but they eventually discover that there may be something on the planet worse than the insects. "Everyone is fucking instead of fighting."Phil Tippett delivers Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation in his directorial debut. The storyline for this picture did not start-off awful but took a strange twist from the science fiction genre to the horror genre. The horror elements didn't really work but the special effects and gore were solid. The acting was disappointing and the cast includes Billy Brown, Cy Carter, Kelly Carlson, Richard Burgi, Brenda Strong, and Sandrine Holt."Hell, I got a dog back home that weighs more than she does."I absolutely loved the first film and had heard awful things about this picture. I finally got around to seeing this follow-up and found it fairly disappointing. I did think it started well, the special effects were better than average, but the plot was dreadful. I don't recommend seeing this movie."Cowards, they always hide behind rules."Grade: D

Robin M (jp) wrote: I love the movie that is why I own it lol

Lanky Man P (au) wrote: Neil Marshall did something awesome with this horror film.


Van R (ca) wrote: Terence Hill had been acting in movies for almost twenty years before he took the lead in ??Unholy Four?? director Enzo Barboni??s ??They Call Me Trinity?? (1971) with his favorite co-star Bud Spencer. Initially, Hill made his cinematic debut in 1951 as a child actor in director Dino Risi??s ??Vacation with a Gangster?? under his real name Mario Girotti. Later, Girotti would appear in co-directors Gillo Pontecorvo & Maleno Malenotti??s ??The Wild Blue Road?? (1957), and director Luchino Visconti??s ??The Leopard?? (1963). When Franco Nero became popular, Nero??s popularity was so vast that he couldn??t appear in every Italian film so the Roman film industry found suitable substitutes, among them Maurizio Merli and Terence Hill. Hill starred in several Spaghetti westerns, including a Nero-esque oater, director Ferdinando Baldi??s ??Viva Django!?? (1968) as well as in the Giuseppe Colizzi trilogy, ??God Forgives, But I Don??t?? (1967), ??Ace High?? (1968), and ??Boot Hill?? (1969), where he met Bud Spencer. Although it did not qualify as the first Spaghetti western parody, ??They Call Me Trinity?? cemented Hill??s claim to fame and he would never have to see back. Italian film comics Franco Franchi and Ciccio Ingrassia starred in ??Two R-R-Ringos from Texas?? (1967). Meantime, this landmark, low-brow western shoot??em up roughly on the same trail as George Stevens?? ??Shane?? with Alan Ladd turned Terence Hill into an international superstar and Bud Spencer and he appeared together in a number of films. They met on ??God Forgives, But I Don??t?? when Hill replaced the star and found himself acting with Spencer. They make an interesting combo. Ironically, cinematographer-turned-director Enzo Barboni is reported to have persuaded Sergio Leone to watch ??Yojimbo?? because it would make a great western. Barboni lensed his share of Spaghetti westerns, including ??The 5-Man Army,?? ??The Hellbenders,?? ??A Long Ride from Hell,?? and ??Viva Django!?? Although it is not the first Spaghetti spoof, ??They Call Me Trinity?? is easily one of the top five Italian western comedies, bracketed by its side-splitting sequel ??Trinity Is Still My Name?? and ??My Name Is Nobody.?? Sadly, Barboni never delivered a third ??Trinity,?? but he did make an inferior spin-off western Trinity & Bambino: The Legend Lives On.?? Incidentally, do not be fooled into believing that director Mario Camus?? ??Trinity Sees Red?? is a ??Trinity?? sequel because it is not. Furthermore, Terence Hill does not play Trinity. Presumably, the distributers were banking on Hill??s identity as Trinity to see the film. Terence Hill displayed a knack of comedy so that he could move from a dramatic role to a comedic one. Trinity's first appearance makes it clear that he is not a hero in the western tradition of John Wayne riding tall in the saddle. Instead, Trinity sprawls out on a travois, being dragged behind his faithful horse that informs him when they have reached a location, as the steed does when they reach the Chaparral Stage Coach Station. Covered from head to toe in dust, Trinity (Terence Hill) gives his horse some hay and enters the station. The owner gives him a plate of beans. Across from Trinity sit two bounty hunters with a short Mexican in their custody. Trinity polishes off a huge pan of beans, rescues the poor Mexican, and traipses out the door with his back to the two bounty hunters. Predictably, they try to shoot him in the back, but Trinity shoots both of them without a backward glance. Our hero just keeps on sauntering with the little Hispanic to his horse. The first scene sums up Trinity??s incredible marksmanship with a pistol. Later, we discover that he can slap faster than he can draw. The long funny scene when a famished Trinity appropriates the beans and wolfs them down with a slab of bread is pretty amusing, too. Thereafter, eating beans became a trademark for both Trinity and Hill. Hill is just plain, downright affable as the protagonist who you cannot help but like because he radiates some much charisma. In the next scene, Trinity rides into a frontier town and discovers that his half-brother Bambino (Bud Spencer) who is masquerading as the town sheriff. They refer to Bambino as 'the left hand of the devil" and he guns down three tough-talking gunslingers when they challenge his authority. As it turns out, Bambino escaped from prison, shot a man who was following him, learned that the wounded man was a sheriff and took his job until Bambino's fellow horse rustling thieves, Weasel (Ezio Marano of ??Beast with a Gun??) and Timmy (Luciano Rossi of ??Deaf Smith & Johnny Ears??) show up. The Major Harriman (Farley Granger of ??The Man Called Noon??) is trying to run a bunch of Mormons off the land where his horses graze. He teams up with an evil Mexican bandit, Mezcal (Remo Capitani of ??The Grand Duel??) and his army of horse thieves. Of course, Trinity and Bambino repulse the Major and the Mexicans and save the Mormons from sure suicidal. The slapping scene in the saloon between Trinity and one of the Major??s hired gunmen is hilarious. ??They Call Me Trinity?? relies on humor, some shooting, and a lot of fistfighting, but this western really is neither violent nor bloody. The opening theme song provides a thumbnail sketch of Trinity and it harkens back to similar theme songs in American westerns made in the 1950s.

James H (us) wrote: Good short documentary, focuses on the war in the Pacific, specifically on Iwo Jima. It's in color and has some fascinating war footage. Well done but not outstanding.

Muyu M (gb) wrote: a typical trashy romantic story in New York. Plz don't trash this city any more.

Andrew M (mx) wrote: For the first act, Rocky III is a complete and utter mess. The quiet, character-based storytelling that made the first two films so sublime is shoved to the side as the film finds itself mirroring its title character: that is, glitzy and on top of the world. Rocky as a character loses the charm that makes him such a loveable and relatable character, at least temporarily, as he goes full-on superstar, entering a charity boxing fight with a cringe-inducing appearance from Hulk Hogan and other similarly over-the-top events. We're introduced to who will be Rocky's latest opponent, the punchy Clubber Lang. Played in an introductory role by Mr. T, Lang as a character is given little more to do than constantly shout at Balboa, mostly in ways that just feel goofy rather than intimidating.Fortunately, as Rocky loses his "eye of the tiger", the film slows down and turns into the quiet sports drama you expect from the franchise, and that's the saving grace here. It's particularly nice to see the film take the angle it does, looking at a Rocky who essentially has no more room to climb. Whereas the first two films posed him as the underdog looking upwards, now he's in a dethroned champion role, a bit like the Apollo Creed character from the previous film. Characters are all given something to do and have a role to play in how the rest of the story progresses. Rocky faces something he has not yet faced in his career, especially after the mid-film twist: fear. Apollo Creed returns to the scene as a mentor figure to Rocky, teaching him all of his secrets and helping him find the passion that he's lost. Adrian has a big emotional monologue, seemingly having enough to being the reserved figure the films have previously established her as. The rest of the film plays out expectedly beautifully, culminating in yet another bout that, whether you like it or not, leaves you feeling great as Bill Conti's "Gonna Fly Now" blares once more. If you can make it through that messy first act, Rocky III is another satisfying entry in the beloved franchise.

Kelly K (fr) wrote: A fantastically entertaining, over-the-top Rambo-style 80s action flick. The soundtrack is almost as good as the ridiculous sequences.

Facebook U (br) wrote: This smartly written, beautifully filmed, superbly acted independent comedy-drama about modern technology, what we're doing with it and what it's doing to us presents a scathing indictment of modern culture and its questionable effects. When an ad agency is hired to come up with a campaign for computer eyewear with interactive capabilities, the organization puts its best man, David (Benjamin Dickinson), on the account. To learn about the product, David tries it out, but the technology's capabilities are so compelling that he quickly loses his capacity for distinguishing what's "real" and what he's created using the product. This creates big issues in his relationships with his girlfriend (Nora Zehetner) and a co-worker (Alexia Rasmussen) with whom he's become obsessed.The film's wry but relevant metaphysical underpinnings give us pause to think about what we're creating and what we're becoming as a result of it. Actor/writer/director Benjamin Dickinson, a bona fide rising star, offers up an insightful picture whose thoughtful messages are delivered with incisive humor in a gorgeous, ironic package that definitely deserves wide exposure.