A burnt out detective follows the trail of a serial killer who sends him messages about the murders.

A burnt out detective follows the trail of a serial killer who sends him messages about the murders. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zat B (es) wrote: a deeply moving and beautiful film. Stellar soundtrack with rich textures adds to the stunning nature filled backdrop. It delves into the dynamics of relationship in an authentic way. Definitely a must see.

Ian W (ag) wrote: Remember the good old days, when there seemed to be a documentary released every few months that would inflame your outrage and indignation at the Bush administration's brazen lawlessness and callous disregard for human beings? Sadly, those stories continue to be told, and it's a good thing this one has been rendered with such expertise, passion, and craft.

Wascar M (br) wrote: Deadpool is in this movie, no need to say much more, really good for those looking to see the real rage of the Hukl, double feature, double the rage, pretty good animation, two different modeling styles, very entertaining...

Charles B (jp) wrote: This whole film is really a critique of the emotions and turmoil felt by much of the younger generation in Japan. The story is loaded with symbolism, but primarily concentrates upon the poisonous red jellyfish. The creature represents the pointless wandering dreams of youth and their extremely poisonousness potency. Not a film for those who have trouble reading into deep storyline and political critiques. If you aren't into intricate films, you'll find the film confusing and as unattractive as a poisonous jellyfish.

Kais Z (nl) wrote: great movie-star-dictator, very good director.. i just HATE the camera

Prattay S (us) wrote: it was good and funny... the casting was good too

David M (us) wrote: Good movie, wrost music in a disney movie

Justin G (kr) wrote: Billy Bob and John Heder work great together and it is definitely as good as Bad Santa or even better.

bernard a (gb) wrote: William Wellman is one of my all-time favorites. A versatile director who made excellent films in several genres. Just take a gander at his filmography. His 1927 WINGS captured the first Best Picture oscar. THE PUBLIC ENEMY is one of several excellent films he made during Hollywod's pre-code era. NOTHING SACRED starred Carole Lombard and showed Wellman was adept too at comedy/satire. Wellman also made a handful of westerns that remain some of my favorites: THE OX-BOW INCIDENT with Henry Fonda, YELLOW SKY with Gregory Peck and this - WESTWARD THE WOMEN with Robert Taylor. "We jump off from Independence. We cross the Big Blue River...the Little Blue...The Platte...The Sweetwater. Southpass - over the Rockies...down to the big Salt Lake...then - The Desert! It's a long hard grind with no let up. Rain. Hail as big as eggs. Breakdowns. Prairie fires...sandstorms...dust storms. Alkali water. Cholera. Indians. Drownings. Stampedes. Stupid accidents! You'll pass graves everywhere - milestones along the way. ONE of every THREE of you will be DEAD before you get to his California valley. So if you're smart - you'll LEAVE by that door...", so warns Buck Wyatt (Robert Taylor) to the group of 140 women recruited in Chicago by wealthy rancher Roy Whitman (John McIntyre) as prospective brides for the field hands back home in California. It's Wyatt's responsibility to safely lead the women on the perilous 2,000 mile journey westward. The script is actually based on a story written by another classic director - Frank Capra. I think WESTWARD THE WOMEN does an excellent job in portraying the hardships once faced by the early pioneers. It's about as gritty a film as I've seen on the subject...I swear you will feel like dusting yourself off afterwards - due to all the dust and dirt swirling around. But what makes it doubly amazing and engaging is that the cast is...yes - mostly women. You'll see what I mean when you get to the part when the wagons will have to negotiate a very steep and rocky grade. There is a french-speaking woman (Denise Darcel) and an italian-speaking woman (Renata Vanni) and also Wyatt's japanese sidekick, Ito (Henry Nakamura) which gives you moments of dialogue spoken in 4 different languages (actually, make that 5 different languages - as a native chief gets to speak some lines too) one point, the french actress supposedly managed to spew some choice invectives at Wyatt that got past the censors (I wouldn't know though - since I unfortunately don't speak french :) The story moves right along too at a steady clip with a good mixture of drama and humor - there are a couple of really sly humorous moments too that you may miss on your first go around (look for the guy with the sheep - being my favorite)!!! The location scenery was shot mostly in Utah and California's Mojave desert, which gives one a good feel for the stark landscape crossed by the travellers. How often do you get to see an Indian burial tree in a film?

Colby A (gb) wrote: This is one of those films that always puts a smile to my face from beginning to end. I will never forget Hazel and Augustus' love story.