Papierove hlavy

Papierove hlavy


  • Category:Documentary
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:Leocuto
  • Country:Slovakia, Switzerland, France, Germany, Czech Republic
  • Director:Dusan Hanák
  • Writer:Dusan Hanák

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Papierove hlavy torrent reviews

Randy P (mx) wrote: I didn't see many reasons to like this film. Even though I didn't mind it, it just never stuck out to me.Jude Law is fine, some of the jokes/gags are fine, its a fine movie I guess.

Ben D (it) wrote: I saw this film about a month ago, but Rotten Tomatoes hadn't included it on their site. I requested they added it, and so here it is. Now, if I'd been clever, I'd have written my review and saved it on my computer to post when the film finally appeared on this site.... but I wasn't clever. So here is what I remember:A man, in a moment of stupidity, hits a young girl with his car, killing her. Guilt-wracked, he goes to seek forgiveness of the parents - only he cannot say it, and he falls in love with the mother - and the mother him... The emotional twists and turns of this narrative are handled with aplomb, the cast very convincing with the troubling material. Iben Hjejle was very good indeed as the mother. It is certainly a film I'd recommend to any lovers of world cinema.

Olivier B (kr) wrote: Some twists are way too ridiculous, but not since Jurassic Park & The Lost World I enjoyed a dinosaur movie like that. And for once, the CGI of a very low budget is amazing.

Li N (ru) wrote: Horrible waste of time. First 45 minutes are redundant. They stretched 50 minutes to establish his background. I'm having a hard time understanding how so many praise this film. This is not a film you would watch again without fast forwarding the first hour of it at least.

Raidor V (mx) wrote: Artfully haunting along the lines of The Hitcher and Blair Witch. Very little dialogue but the acting, cinematography and musical score will send chills through your body. Despite the 50/50 review scores be your own judge and post your opinion.

Glen E (nl) wrote: A couple of humorous parts. Overall, still trying to figure out where the money comes from for movies like this.

Guilherme B (us) wrote: Uma boa idia na teoria. Como filme, muito fraco.

Camilla B (ca) wrote: Noe langdryg. Pluss for realismen i historiefortellingen.

Curtis S (au) wrote: I must say this documentary had some profound messages considering the topic. If you like documentaries or nerds, definitely check it out.

angel m (es) wrote: The Vaginal And Mostly Penile Mutation Was Over the top ?? I Understand the new trends But Wounder Wy ?? It has to be sooo Extreme !!!

Jonathan C (ru) wrote: I'm usually a big Danny Boyle fan, but I thought this was a big misstep. The one positive here is that a lot of the style used here would be perfected a few years later with the far superior Slumdog Millionaire.

Reginald P (ag) wrote: please may i see this movie

Tim L (ag) wrote: Not one of the best but still very entertaining as all Carry Ons are! Probably one of the most cringe-worthy by today's standards, but just sit back and enjoy it in the tongue-in-cheek way it was meant! My favourite moments were probably the introduction of Charles Hawtrey; and this great quote in the middle!: Lady Evelyn Bagley: There is my reputation to think of. You would need to be very circumspect. Prof. Inigo Tinkle: Oh, I was! When I was a baby!

Joe B (gb) wrote: Superior British kitchen-sink thriller, very underrated. Beautifully photographed. Should be seen more.

Albertus A (jp) wrote: This film is like The Notebook with great visuals, a better cast, and a better story. But, I honestly really enjoyed it. It's no best film of the year or anything, but I loved James Cameron's vision and direction. Wished it was shorter because this film is excruciatingly long.

Raymond H (es) wrote: A nice heart warming movie with adequate acting all round.