Papilio Buddha

Papilio Buddha

A band of displaced untouchables in Western Ghats of India embrace Buddhism in order to escape from caste oppression.

A band of displaced untouchables in Western Ghats of India embrace Buddhism in order to escape from caste oppression. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Guy W (gb) wrote: A film so subtle and not so subtle and utterly utterly brilliant. Some movies are made to simply make money and some movies are an artistic statement about things that actually matter. Most of the movies I have seem recently are movies simply made to rake in a bit of dough and this why this movie is so brilliant. Its so brilliant because it has such a wacky idea that its doomed to fail. Has anybody else noticed this stars not one, not two but three actors that were in the boxoffice failure Scott Pilgrim vs the World. This is a wonderful idea and although I did massively enjoy it and admire it on so many levels, I do have to admit that its not perfect. However this is one of its many charms. Even though its not perfect there is much to admire and much to enjoy. The set and costume designs (much like That 70s Show) give the presence of eye candy. The performances are top notch all around and the humour and writing are on a fun and endearing level. One thing that makes this stand out for me is how much Charles Swan is unlikable and why casting Charlie Sheen is the right choice. Despite an unlikable presence we are strangely on his quest of being ok with being dumped because of the fun and warm hearted way he deals with it... ie we all go through this but we don't necessarily do it this way. I said it wasn't perfect and my only real quip here is that there isn't much of some of the other characters here. They kind of come and go and turn up when it pleases Roman Coppola. When they do turn up its a blast and when they go you miss them. Despite this quip, this leads to my biggest plus.... LESS IS MORE This particilar film is about an hour and twenty minutes and does what it needs to and then leaves wanting more but (with me) being o'so satsfied with the images that came before the credits. Also note how they end the film... very unique. This will film will fail and all the more reason for me to cherish this little gem of a movie which captured my heart and made me smile throughout.

Joe G (us) wrote: What I considered Burn Notice Lite over a a two hour span, The Fall of Sam Axe was enjoyable but predictable and a little over the top, and added little to the show. A good start to Jeffrey Donovan's directorial career, though. Worth a view when it reruns on USA, but don't go out of your way to see it.

Jack W (it) wrote: This movie really pissed me off! I'm not gonna go into loads of detail but if you enjoy boring movies with stupid characters, bad dialogue and meaningless mayhem then look no further, this is your perfect movie. A few of the things that pissed me off the most in this movie were: when they arrive at the ATM they park about 100 feet away from it for no reason, every time they have a chance to getaway they decide that they will stay in the ATM, the characters weren't likeable and there is no explanation whatsoever as to why the killer is doing what he is doing. Finally, the story is simple and effective but wasted due to the poor execution onto the screen; if you want to watch a movie with a simalair story to ATM then watch P2, its far better in every way. (If after reading my review you still think that you might want to watch this movie then please please do not buy it, find a free download or stream it). Overall one of the worst horror's i've seen: 3/10.

Tim M (mx) wrote: oh dear. nice concept but never mind...

Florence (nl) wrote: Mao Dabing trabalha entregando garrafas, mas sua paixo mesmo o cinema. Um dia, enquanto corre para chegar a uma sesso, ele se acidenta com sua bicicleta. Ao ver o incidente, uma jovem desconhecida o acerta com um tijolo. Os dois vo para o hospital. Ele, para curar o ferimento. Ela, para continuar um tratamento psicolgico. L, ela pede para Dabing alimentar seus peixes enquanto estiver fora. Chegando casa dela, ele encontra um dirio. Ao folhe-lo, descobre a histria de uma menina apaixonada por cinema, h trinta anos atrs.

Steve D (es) wrote: Well it was better than road trip. It was still kinda dumb

Nick A (fr) wrote: Casper Van Dien does a bunch of stuff that makes no sense and has remorse about changing the FUTURE.. wait if it's the future who cares if it changed?

Stuart K (jp) wrote: Woody Allen had not long got through a rather nasty and messy legal suit, but despite that, he was still able to make films. He had a deal with Miramax at the time, and this was one a few he made for them, a Greek themed story which is romantic, funny and original. Sports writer Lenny Weinrib (Woody Allen) is married to workaholic Amanda (Helena Bonham Carter), who wants a child, but Lenny is in no rush, but Amanda eventually talks Lenny into adopting, and they get a baby whom they name Max, who turns out to be very intelligent for a young boy. Lenny becomes obsessed with learning who Max's real mother is, and finds the biological mother in Linda Ash (Mira Sorvino), a prostitute and porn star. This horrifies Lenny, but he doesn't tell Linda that he's the adoptive father of Max. He wants a better life for Linda, and tries to match her up with boxer Kevin (Michael Rappaport), but Amanda ends up seeing her colleague Jerry (Peter Weller). This whole tale is narrated by a Greek Chorus in an amphitheater, with narration by their leader (F. Murray Abraham), who helps Lenny out. It's a good film with Woody at his best with direction and dialogue, even putting in a funny performance himself, but Sorvino steals the film (she won an Oscar for the film), but it's a very pleasurable film, and it's a film with a heart of gold as well, uplifting and witty.

Ryan M (nl) wrote: Less even than Rossen's other 60s masterwork, 'The Hustler', but still brilliant. It seemed like Rossen was unsure of how to detail Beatty's all-important character transformation, but the cumulative effect of the film remains strong and lasting. Rossen's late films seem very forward-looking; really, if one didn't know that the "New Hollywood" is widely considered a 70s phenomenon, one could look at 'Lilith' and think it'd already arrived in 1964 (certainly the movie's foregrounding of all things moody and evocative suggests a split with the generally narrative-driven cinema of the past). There's truly a great deal to be lauded in 'Lilith', from the script's finely-wrought web of intersecting psychologies to the performances of its three leads. Fonda is especially memorable, though his character's mental condition necessitates that he play essentially one note the entire time -- still, his part is so well-considered here that it strains credulity accounting for the emotional punch he packs with so little to work with (anyone interested in seeing him replicate this feat should steer a path to Fonda's own later film 'The Hired Hand', in which he stars). 'Lilith' is surprisingly tragic and truly intelligent, and its near-complete absence from the collective memory might speak more for the film's troubling glut of important questions than for any lack of genuine quality. Rossen died soon after making this, and I'm beginning to think American cinema lost and promptly forgot an undersung talent with his death.

Neil O (fr) wrote: Under rated Frank Capra comedy with great Crosby performance and who is re-teamed with Jane Wyman playing a foreign correspondent who comes to the aid of two orphans. Servicable score - though

Bruno V (br) wrote: Seen 100's this kinda movies , nothing special her ...ok enough

Nicholas L (ru) wrote: Children of Men benefits from a unique, original storyline, gritty cinematography, and great directing. The result is brutal yet poignant and its one of those rare movies that has a perfect beginning and ending.

(mx) wrote: This was a great film, it was very funny and awesome to watch, it shows how life can be, but a few things were out of place, I wish that first off they showed how Lisa decided to marry Murphy in the end, and they went to America very early in the movie in my opinion, but most movies start journeys quickly too, but I still don't like that, and finally it seemed to be kind of a short movie, but besides those mistakes, this was a flawless movie with incredible comedy and originality and was a smart idea to make something fresh and new and to travel to a new country and show what it's like to live like that, and I was so happy to see a college basketball game for a few minutes, it's my favorite sport, but I have to say I dislike St. John's basketball team because they tend to brag a lot, but anyways I'm glad they included my favorite sport, and I believe St. johns played Wisconsin or Indiana in the movie, my favorite team in college basketball is Illinois though, just saying.

Eytan D (ca) wrote: For most of its running time, "Burnt Offerings" manages to be a pretty creepy haunted house movie. Some imagery (including the appearance of the Chauffeur) really is freaky. Plus, the cast is loveable. Oliver Reed and Karen Black are a joy to watch, and Burgess Meredith and Eileen Heckart steal the scenes they're in. And Bette Davis is, as always, a blast. But the main problem with "Burnt Offerings" is its build-up. There is so much hype to the film's conclusion, and all we are left with is one disappointing ending. But overall, you can do a lot worse than this.

Sue S (it) wrote: Not very funny. It wasn't terrible, though.