Papita, maní, tostón

Papita, maní, tostón

Andres (Jean Pierre Agostini) is a fan of Los Leones del Caracas one of the main baseball teams of Venezuela. Julissa (Juliette Pardau) is a fan of Los Navegantes del Magallanes, the rival ...

Andres (Jean Pierre Agostini) it's a fan of Los Leones del Caracas one of the principal baseball teams of Venezuela. Julissa (Juliette Pardau) it's a fan of Los Navegantes del Magallanes, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Allan C (us) wrote: An interesting documentary about some dedicated/creepy people, as well as a format that I both miss and don't.

Martin O (kr) wrote: Good, but you'll prob want to be into BB to enjoy.

Jay (de) wrote: If you have nothing else to do and you cant find anything on the 500 cable channels better to watch

Joe D (it) wrote: A worthy entry in the Mel Brooks library of movies.

Diego T (es) wrote: Clint Eastwood: American badass. In the past, he has hypothesized on the number of bullets in a revolver, been involved in numerous final shoot-outs in countless classic westerns, and has directed several movies that are just as good as the ones he has acted in. So why in the world should he end up playing second fiddle to some fucking redcoat? Where Eagles Dare is a WWII film that you've probably never heard of, and for a very good reason. From the get-go, it's clear that this story about a conspiracy within British intelligence focuses only on the stunning feats of Richard Burton, and completely glosses over Clint Eastwood's whole character. Why was Eastwood even in it? Probably only so that it would make some money in America, where nobody gives a shit about badass British people. Personal biases aside, this is still not a very good movie. There are about 400 different scenes in which people are packing, saying identical dialogue, or speaking English with a group of Nazis. This thing could have been pared down quite a bit, but as it is with most films of its era, very little was left on the cutting room floor. This leaves us with a bloated running time that consists mostly of Burton blowing shit up, all the while attempting to get Clint Eastwood after a buttload of awkward situations. It's like a tame version of every cliched and generic action movie made nowadays, and it's incredibly dumbed down. Also, it features one of the cardinal sins of mystery filmmaking, in an ending where the main character sits all the other characters down to "Figure out what's going on and find out who's who." Wow, the genericness. It hurts. I couldn't write something that bad if I tried. Final Score for Where Eagles Dare: 4/10 stars. Sure, the acting is okay, but Eastwood is given nearly nothing to do, and Burton's character is such an invincible badass that it completely detaches the audience from him. A skilled editor needs to go back to this movie and edit it down to a thrilling one hour and 45 minutes run-time. Or it should just be remade, starring Simon Pegg and Chris Hemsworth. Because this is a story worth telling, even if this movie is bad on nearly every level. It's totally stuck in its time, and unfortunately that time is not WWII-- it's the 1960s. As soon as a woman shows up, you know when the movie was made, because every single movie from the 60s features women in done-up hair and purple eyeshadow, regardless of how historically inaccurate this might be. It could have been good, but sadly, Where Eagles Dare is a hopelessly generic piece of shit that forces Clint Eastwood into second billing under a fucking Brit. How dare they.

Gordon I (ru) wrote: I wish the rest of this movie were as good as its opening shot...

Thomas B (au) wrote: Fantastic director and great young actress combine to create a dark, violent action film, a hair away from a Bourne film. Full review later.

Jason T (es) wrote: It's like a poor man's crash. Good cast but the script is weak and the stories don't have much to offer. Forgettable.