Pappu Can't Dance Saala

Pappu Can't Dance Saala

One time bickering neighbors are forced to share the same apartment.

One time bickering neighbors are forced to share the same apartment. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lanky Man P (au) wrote: Absolutely hilarious

Layla W (au) wrote: Enjoyed viewing The Cut at the Tribeca Film Fest. It's a global Hero's journey politically relevant and beautifully filmed. The scenes filmed in Cuba are a bonus delight. Strong directing, and acting and writing but an editing cut of @15min. would help this "must see" film about the Armenian genocide.

Paul D (es) wrote: Poor zombie-lads movie. There' s nothing wrong with the 'undead' actors, but plenty wrong with the rest, although to be fair the story is terrible anyway.

Sheila C (nl) wrote: Fictional account of Emperor Tiberius' search for the truth about the death of Jesus Christ

Lee M (nl) wrote: Joe Swanberg -- who directed, edited, lensed, co-wrote and played one of the lovelorn characters -- has done wonders with a nothing budget and a personable cast of nonprofessional actors.

Liam U (ag) wrote: Well acted and a good story. Portrays relationships well and realistically most of the time, and reflects different gender attitudes well. Worth a watch, but despite it's labelling as a romantic comedy it isn't a particularly feel good film.

Brandon B (fr) wrote: Not great, but entertaining. Colin Firth made me giggle.

william w (kr) wrote: still prefer Sean Connery as Bond, but that aside its a good bond movie with Paul McCartney's song live and let die a classic Bond theme.

Walter M (au) wrote: Wallace Avery(Colin Firth) is a middle-aged manager of a box store. He is divorced from Mary Alice(Kristin Lehman, of "Motive). Together they have a teenaged son, Grant(Sterling Beaumon). Wallace is also carrying on a non-passionate affair with Mina(Anne Heche). Together, that is not enough for him. So, he fakes his own death and takes up the nom-du-renaissance of Arthur Newman, trying to keep a low profile on his way to a career as a golf pro. However, that changes when he runs into Mike(Emily Blunt) who seems familiar."Arthur Newman" is a pleasant surprise, especially as it favors nuance over any kind of cringe factor in its character study of two truly dysfunctional, yet not hopeless, people. Some of that has to do with the movie's tone which honestly does not avoid the darkness in its premise. But most of it has to do with Colin Firth who is excellent in finding the humanity in such an otherwise lost character.

Richard D (au) wrote: Ben Kingsley strides across this film like a colossus, tending to obliterate everything else about the film. His Don Logan is an amazing rage fueled monster, spitting out vitriolic absurdities and convincingly intimidating Ray Winstone, which is quite a feat. I can honestly say that I had no idea Kingsley had it in him. It's a bit of a shame that he's so powerful and memorable because he tends to overshadow Winstone's extremely strong, but subdued performance and some great supporting performances by the likes of Ian McShane. It also tends to obscure the subtleties of Glazer's really funny, artsy crime pic.

Tim R (nl) wrote: Vertical Limit is one the greatest movie experiences ever! I remember seeing this in theaters back in 2000. I love this movie!