Para matar a un asesino

Para matar a un asesino

A retired hit-man emerges from retirement to track down a seemingly unstoppable serial killer. Soon the hit-man, his equally dangerous wife, and their innocent daughter become the vicious psychopath's next target.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:97 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Salomon Caramona and Lyndsey Jimenez are a hit-man and his wife who have to flee Mexico to Chicago when Caramona doesn't finish a hit. Unknown to him, the man that hired Caramona for the original hit, tracks him down in Chicago and is willing to forgive the original hit if the former assassin will find a serial killer that tortured and murdered his daughter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Para matar a un asesino torrent reviews

Syed M (it) wrote: words cannot explain my pain.

Valrie M (mx) wrote: Un film que tout le monde devrait voir

Mac C (ru) wrote: If you've lived this life, you just might understand this movie..... Great work.....

Carlos I (gb) wrote: So damn good! One of my favorite movies period. Action doesn't get much better than this.

Sgt C (us) wrote: An enjoyable sci-fi B movie that does what good B movies do and that is be more entertaining than certain A movies. The cast is great, the direction is fine and it is a good watch, but overall it is is far from a great movie.

Jessica M (ca) wrote: The only reason this movie didn't get 5 stars is because 1) The ending lagged and 2) I didn't get to see Rinaldi naked. I mean, come on: we can't all stand around and wait for our moms to eat our asses! We have to run away for good this time and build sheds down by the railroad!

Daisy M (jp) wrote: it was pretty hard for me to follow but interesting nonetheless

Abel D (ca) wrote: While it may be dramatically lacking, there's something breezy, cheeky and appealing about Bogdanovich's film, much like its title character. Sumptuously photographed with excellent period detail, long before the Merchant Ivory years, and a strong cast make this pleasant viewing

Grant S (kr) wrote: An incredibly intriguing character-driven drama.The Petrified Forest tells the story of three disparate characters, whose lives cross paths for a brief time at a diner in the middle of the Arizona desert: a wandering philosopher, of sorts (played by Leslie Howard), a waitress (played by Bette Davis) and a gangster (played by Humphrey Bogart). There are other characters, of varying importance, but these three are a microcosm of society: the jaded pessimist, the idealist and the pragmatist, respectively.The interactions between these three are incredibly interesting, and symbolic. There is also a fair amount of action and intrigue: what will happen to all of them?Very thought-provoking.On the negative side, Leslie Howard's jaded philosopher can get overly pretentious, to the point of annoyance. He skirts the line between profundity and pretentiousness throughout the movie. His lines also make you think you're watching a play, rather than a movie.Bette Davis is delightful as the waitress: the wide-eyed zeal of her character is apparent throughout. An early-career role for Bogart - at the time he wasn't the big star he would later become - but already he shows all the traits we would know and love. Solid, swaggering, menacing performance by him.

Paul C (au) wrote: Fun Soviet-era Russian comedy dealing with jewel smugglers and mistaken identity. Very much rooted in the late 60's. I'm sure much of the verbal humor does not translate well, but it is still fun to watch. (It is apparently one of the top Russian comedies of all time.)

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