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Eva B (nl) wrote: There is a time where I regret watching some movies and this is definitely one of those times. This movie was so dumb like I feel like it was so lazy and nobody seemed sincere!

Ramesh B (us) wrote: Not too bad a movie... few scenes are hilarious!

Matthew H (it) wrote: Great group of characters but not good directing

Robert H (kr) wrote: The Ark of Truth is a movie truly made for fans of the series. Casual fans might find themselves easily lost wondering where certain characters are, what's going on, who the bad guys are, etc. For fans who continued to support the franchise, Stargate The Ark of Truth will feel like an extended episode full of everything they've come to love.So whether you like the movie or not might very well depend on which camp you find yourself in. Are you a die hard fan, casual observer, or have you simply not watched anything since the first movie?

Matt R (br) wrote: The main issue that "2001 Maniacs" had was that it was unable to balance the Horror and Comedy in proper amounts throughout. The main issue with "2001 Maniacs: Field Of Screams" is that it fails to contain either Horror or Comedy. Perhaps its a little harsh, but this anticipated sequel to a fairly decent low budget fun cult film made its predecessor look like "The Godfather". In proper form, a sequel must always be more. Unfortunately, this one is just more idiotic from beginning to end. Mayor Buckman (now played by cult star Moseley) finds his Pleasant Valley ghostly slaughter town in a drought. No one is falling for the tricks of old days, so he decides to take a handful of his most devious townsfolk and hit the road to gather 2001 souls to avenge his town from its civil war massacre. They end up in Iowa (hence the "Field Of Screams") where they meet up with a dimwit blond duo and film crew doing a reality TV show, an obvious take on "The Simple Life". The slaughter begins again with this new group and...well...boobs and blood fly. That's the jist of this movie.The absurdity of the original "2001 Maniacs" was still built on a premise. This premise is generally ignored and takes a back seat to the over the top (and to be honest with you: dumb) focus of slaughtering people and showing off nudity. Unfortunately, the film also fails to realize that this can't carry the film on its own. Yet, it sticks to its guns by having ridiculous gore and nudity at every turn it can. I thought the original film was borderline porn at times, but this one goes straight there more than once. No 'slasher's have nudity' excuses here, just straight up porn like sequences. No meaning. Just there to show off some skin. Sigh. Normally this wouldn't be SO bad, but I'll be damned if there isn't anything else to really redeem the film. The dialogue is insanely dumb and boring, the characters are flat and obviously only there to be waiting corpses, the pacing of the film is spastic at best, and the logic for the logic found here story wise or plot progressive wise. This film is so poorly constructed is practically feels like its playing a joke on itself. And failing at it. I'm not going to go on much more about "2001 Maniacs: Field Of Screams" because honestly I kind of want to forget about it. The first film showed so much potential for Tim Sullivan and crew, that this movie seems almost irrational when it was done and over. I feel as though I was at the butt end of a joke and didn't even know what it was. Stick with the first one and just move on with your life. BONUS RANT: If you do happen to chance fate and watch this film and finish it, stay with the credits a little bit for a completely random and nonsensical scene that's worth the nervous laugh it will make you have.

Heather M (us) wrote: Politically motivated communes in 60's Germany doesn't really sound like my kind of movie subject matter.

Adam W (au) wrote: American Blackout is an interesting look at the disenfranchisement of the AfroAmerican population in both Florida (2000) and Ohio (2004) as well as in Rep. McKinney's own district. This film really disturbed me. Bush and his cronies in the Republican Party basically collaborated to defeat not only the Democratic candidates, but American democracy! Perhaps it's karma that a black man may be the next president of the USA--I hope so.Worth a viewing if you're interested in US politics and/or want to get pumped up for the 2008 elections. You should be able to watch it on Google video.

Samantha A (au) wrote: This is really slow paced.. but the characters are great and it has a lovely mix of comedy and drama,romantic with some sweet moments - alex O'lachlan is really great in this film..

Sarah H (ru) wrote: Another SciFi channel classic, with whale-sized, man-eating snakeheadsl.

Pablo V (ag) wrote: This French film is like an unfulfilled promise. I feel as though it could have been so much more. I was totally satisfied visually in the sexual sense; after all it was the DVD cover what made me see the movie in the first place. However I really don't see how it explains anything about French society, race, sexuality or anything at all about France. As a matter of fact it seems to me it is a highly unrealistic movie. Far from being a story about social tension between classes and races, Grande Ecole is much like an erotic film. It is centered on the mostly sexual relationships of several rich students who attend a private school and the relationship of one of the boys with an Arab - French poor young man. Just because there is a character that belongs to an immigrant family and there is lots of both hetero and homosexual sex in the movie; that doesn?t mean that it is a social examination of the real, present day, French society. The acting was good and so was the music. Everyone is super hot, so in that sense it?s not so different from Hollywood.

Niklas J (ag) wrote: The shameful black sheep in an else good series.

Alice (ru) wrote: Marty: If I'm not mistaken, you've come back here to the house of loneliness and tears, to Daddy Downer and Brother Bummer, to come to some sort of decision about life, a life decision if you will.

Chey F (us) wrote: thr r so.................. lots of thm

Dave J (es) wrote: Tuesday, February 16, 2010 (1984) Racing With The MoonROMANTIC DRAMA How recruiting to WWII back then affected two life long friends of Henry(Sean Penn) and Nicky (Nicholas Cage). This film doesn't really have a plot per se and the characters are a little one dimensional, but does have some nice touches such as 'when Nick showed Caddie( Elizabeth McGovern) how to play the piano scene'- this film also deals with other issues adult teenagers also have to deal with before going off to war. In comparison to other romantic drama films as of late, particularly Nicolas Sparks adaptions, this film is a masterpiece. After seeing Penn in 1983 "Bad Boys" motivated me to check this film out too, and I have to say that without his performance as the moral lead, this film would not have succeeded at all.3 to 3 and a 1/2 stars out of 4

Amarjyot D (it) wrote: start is good. but after interval its just ok to lil bad in few parts. overall a one time watch if u are patriotic (like me)

Alfie P (jp) wrote: Norris's first movie in the lead role proves he can kick ass as much as it proves he can't act but thats why we love him. Worth watching though just for the comical fight scene at the end, if only he'd had the classic beard though.

Don S (gb) wrote: I fondly remember this movie from my childhood and wanted to see it again. It withstands the test of time amazingly well. Nothing deep here, just the love of a man and his cougar. A moslty light-hearted, good-natured family film (by Disney of course) with a decent message. They rarely make movies like this anymore. Highly recommended.

Robert B (br) wrote: Good concept and Idea Robocop meets Short Circuit shame not as good as I hoped

David W (ag) wrote: Characters with full personality, violence, and movie references for filmgoers, Reservoir Dogs delivers it all

T H (ca) wrote: Interesting movie. Did they make it or not will forever be my question.