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Parada torrent reviews

Derrick D (us) wrote: Took me 2 years to watch

Bruce B (ca) wrote: could be mildly amusing

Andy E (au) wrote: The only thing worse than the implausible script with endless stock characters is the awful alligator effects

Jonn J (ag) wrote: Among the cream of 70's grind-house redneck car movies, White Lightning has all the staples of the genre: sweaty chain-gang scenes, funky flower children and loud, raunchy cars. Best of all, it has Bo Hopkins, who completes this type of film in my opinion. If you prefer pansy fare such as The Fast and the Furious, suit yourself, but this is the real deal.

Gregory S (ru) wrote: Noir tour de force. Between the opening credits surveying the entire city, to the hypnotic dance sequence, to the trippiest heist you'll ever see all ending with a bang. There's nothing quite like it.

Richard W (es) wrote: Excellent movie and acting Very moving story 90% on the Ricksta Scale

Vic V (us) wrote: From just the reviews already read it sounds like an absolutely thrilling, edge of your seat snooze fest that made me want to pass in fear of falling asleep early.