Paradeshi Chadhei

Paradeshi Chadhei

Biswaranjan Choudhury has three grandson. The dilemma arises when one of the grandson marries a foreigner.

Biswaranjan Choudhury has three grandson. The dilemma arises when one of the grandson marries a foreigner. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex r (ag) wrote: By the title, you would guess that this is a sequel to Sam Mendes' war drama Jarhead. Well, the title is where similarities end. I feel that they should just have stuck with second half of the title which is Field of Fire, which sounds much better than an idiotic cash grab title. Anyhow, enough of that, Field of Fire is a decent war action film that tends to have plenty of genre clichs, but even with that, the field manages to be somewhat entertaining despite its limited budget and average story. The cast are decent at best, and they do what they can with the material, but like every other Straight to DVD title, Jarhead 2: Field of Fire has significant limitations due to production issues such as budget and other technical aspects such as technical accuracy. The film is decent and works well if you enjoy low budget action films. Of course the dialogue is so-so, but this isn't a god awful mess that people claim it to be. If you want a decent little film, this is an entertaining film, one that if you suspend the notion of authenticity, great acting and effective war carnage, you might enjoy. Go into the film expecting a fun film that is pure popcorn action and you might not be disappointed. However, if you got high expectation for a great war film, you won't find it here. Field of Fire is decent with lots of action, and I guess that's enough. Field of Fire is mindless fun and if you enjoy these types of films, give it a shot, you're might like it.

Jorge D (es) wrote: Although it does not bring anything particularly special, which upholds the transposition of the tv series to the movie theaters, "Glee - 3D Concert" at least manages to keep the the quality versions of pop that made its fame.7.0/10.0

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Jason C (ru) wrote: One of my all time favourite films. Grips you from start to finish. Just superb.

jesse k (ca) wrote: This movie has zero redeeming qualities. Boring, stupid. Not funny. Eddie Murphy is not likable. Movie has no nostalgia value. I watched about 2/3 of it and that was IT! For me. I can only takes what I can take, and then I can't takes no more.

Jason P (br) wrote: Immensely entertaining, but not at all scary. I don't think I've seen anything like it. (seen at the Dryden with Don't Be Afraid of the Dark)

keith s (ru) wrote: This is one of those movies that shouldn't exist, but it does - and there's something strangely beautiful about that. It plays out as though the stuntmen took control of the story away from the director and screenwriter and went meandering through the desert. There isn't much of a story until the very end, and we don't even see a werewolf until the last 90 or so minutes. There's even a great moment where one of the characters (who's name is movie), disappears, and the rest of the characters go running out in the desert looking for him calling out: "Where are you, Movie?". It's a beautiful moment when even the movie itself seems bewildered and confused at it's own existence, and it aught to go down as one of the greatest moments of all cinematic history.

anu r (nl) wrote: excellent.the way they have shown the way things were done in thoese days of war is remarkable.a defenite must see

Private U (de) wrote: Hilarious, simply hilarious!!

VJ B (mx) wrote: A favorite of mine. Good for repeated viewings.

Anna P (ru) wrote: Enjoyable movie. Not too cheesy and a good ending too.Seemed to be a good chemistry between the two main guys. Rudd's awkward moments were amusing.Watch it at least for the uniqueness of it, that it is a film about male friendship.

Alexander M (gb) wrote: Rating: Fantastic Just watched Tarzan last night and it was just delightful. I was surprised with how much I remembered from my many viewings as a child. This will contain spoilers, but I imagine if you are reading this you have seen the movie.Here are the things that stuck out the most this time I watched it, first off with the action. The rope-swinging, tree sliding, jaguar jumping scenes gracefully fly across the screen and keep your eyes on the screen. This movie also does something that some modern superhero films could learn, perfectly utilizing two villains in Sabor and Clayton. Sabor sets the tone and provides a vicious simple enemy in the beginning to be conquered, and Clayton is more a classic Disney baddie with the a strong blend of greed and charisma. Moving onto the antagonists and yet another piece that stuck out last night was the romance between Tarzan and Jane. The time they spend on screen together is more compared to other Disney couples, and their relationship evolves naturally. I believe that Jane is invested in Tarzan and vice versa from the moment they are introduced. "Tarzan, Oh I see", and other comedic moments in their interactions just further that love story. Ultimately how they end up together is a perfect bow on the gift we received in this romance.This film is not without its' flaws and one of them is the mismatch of the tone and the music. It is certainly sacrilege to disgrace Phil Collin's superb soundtrack, but it is utilized in some awkward ways throughout that undercut the tone. The upbeat tunes are welcome in most moments, but in scenes where we have a baby ape being eaten by Sabor (#familyfriendly) the music is unwelcome. I understand this is a children's movie so something has to break the tension, but it detracts. Another #familyfriendly aspect that hampers the movie is the 88 minute run time, which could have been expanded to strengthen some relationships that were underutilized. One last thought I had in this movie is that I alluded to earlier is that I think is actually a superhero story. Tarzan certainly has the tragic upbringing of losing his parents at a a young age. And at least in this film he portrays qualities that are exceptional in terms of intelligence, strength, and agility. Even if that is just him being in peak human condition he still has the ability to mimic sounds perfectly, which might not be the most exciting super power but is one none the less.

Perrine B (us) wrote: Life is the most spectacular show on earth.Jacob est fils d'migrs polonais et est sur le point de passer ses derniers examens pour devenir vtrinaire. Un accident de voiture cause la mort de ses parents et le voil sans famille, sans le sou et sans envie aucune de finir ses tudes. En errant au hasard, il grimpe dans un train qui transporte une compagnie de cirque, et se fera engager pour y soigner les animaux. Il devra faire sa place parmi les employs, et prouver l'instable directeur August qu'il mrite son poste. Tche d'autant plus ardue que Jacob se rapproche de plus en plus de la femme d'August, Marlena.Magnifiques dcors et mises en scne pour ce film, dans lequel on croirait rellement tre tomb dans un cirque des annes 30. Niveau jeu, Christoph Waltz et sa prestation poustouflante est loin devant tous les autres. Reese Whitherspoon est plutt efface et peu convaincante. Je n'ai jamais vu d'tincelle entre elle et Pattinson qui me convaincrait de leur amour interdit. Il en rsulte en fait une romance un peu simpliste et pas trs passionnante. Il reste le monde du cirque superbement dpeint. Mais le dcor ne suffit pas...

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