Paradise: Hope

Paradise: Hope

Hope, the third film in the PARADISE TRILOGY, tells the story of the 13-year-old Melanie. While her mother (Teresa) travels to Kenya, Melanie spends her holiday in the Austrian countryside at a strict diet camp for overweight teenagers. Under the supervision of a tattooed trainer and a creepy doctor, the teenagers attempt to do sports during the day and secretly get drunk in the evening. Between physical education and nutrition counseling, pillow fights and her first cigarette, Melanie falls in love with the doctor who is 40 years her senior.

The third installment in Ulrich Seidl's PARADISE trilogy, PARADISE: HOPE tells the story of overweight 13-year-old Melanie and her first love. While her mother travels to Kenya (PARADISE: ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Paradise: Hope torrent reviews

Andrew W (fr) wrote: Overrated. I don't want to be stuck on a long as road trip in movie. Pretentious stuff here

House M (us) wrote: Walhber, bad as always, Eric Bana, surpisingly bad aswell. This is a bad movie, about a failed mission in the middle of Afghanistan. Based on true event. Not a must see.

Jennifer T (nl) wrote: I love Halloween but this movie is no fun to watch. Avoid at all costs. Boring, stupid and it sucks. I can't believe people actually like this movie!

Andrew K (ru) wrote: It was okay, surprisingly.

Lewis E (us) wrote: You might have to venture underground to find this but don't underestimate how good Jamie Foxx is at stand-up.

Gabriella P (gb) wrote: Attempts at being funny, witty, romantic, sexy... Fails horribly on all counts

Yuriati T (ag) wrote: Loved the story and it was indeed quite creepy. Well done.

Andrew R (us) wrote: One of my favourite Christmas movies of all time, sad in parts but great acting and a wonderful finale, perfect. A modern retelling of It's a Wonderful Life

mss gh (us) wrote: This is an amazing movie. Matt Dillon was really good at portraying Tex and I found it nice to see him play a softer more friendly role after he played Dallas Winston in The Outsiders, although he was excellent there too. I read the book and it's also very good

Naoya K (au) wrote: LOVELY! It is often said that this film is different from other Ozu films mainly because the story is told through children's views, but I don't agree with that. Ozu's viewpoint never moves around - it's always like a "God's view," and it's same in this piece. It's true that the more focus is on children characters than in other works of his, and it works very well to somehow reveals both virtue and ugliness of being adults. Ozu's talent to direct a comedy is in full bloom in this film, and every scene in the film is lovely.

Timo K (mx) wrote: Yet another remake and this time from legendary movie. Nothing is sacred anymore.

Greg W (jp) wrote: if my mom was around to see this she'd say, cheaters never prosper' and here is an example of it in this noir from the end of the first cycle.