Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost

A picturesque fishermen village overlooking the Mediterranean, Paradise is a Palestinian enclave inside the state of Israel, with a history that ecoes stories of a massacre and deportation.... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nadia C (us) wrote: I admit the beginning wasn't bad, it had all the elements for a pretty interesting horror movie. But then it got worse and worse ,finishing with an awkward and ridiculous end. I mean it would be interesting if all that was in the protagonist's mind,but a scarecrow killing people that's pathetic for a movie. It means they didn't have any better ideas...

Alexander K (mx) wrote: HAHAHAHA! This movie was pretty bad man. I think I laughed a few times, but it was directed at how poorly this movie was made. Super B movie right here. Would not recommend anyone watching this unless you get off watching fail sauce. The plot would be perfect for a XXX movie, but sadly there were no nude scenes. There were some gorgeous women that should have at least shown some of their goods. Major disappointment man. MAJOR! 0.0

Darrin C (ag) wrote: A little less interesting than the prequel which is unusual. Otherwise, it was more of the same, but less.

Miles W (gb) wrote: This is my favourite musical of all time. And this movie is the best rendition of the musical.

a a (nl) wrote: Languages - English, Spanish

Matt M (nl) wrote: Quite clearly the work of a filmmaker still looking for his own original style. Though the adult themes are interesting, this is not among Ingmar Bergman's defining works and is full of many little imperfection, like the naive ending.

Ajeesh V (ca) wrote: MM & AP tempted me to watch the movie with high expectations.. But the movie fell flat.. But top notch performances from Al Pacino & Matt gave life for the movie.. All in whole, the movie was boring to the max..!!!Matt, Man o Man.. he is awesome!!!

Joshua H (gb) wrote: man....I was hoping for a raunchy foul movie that just pushed the bounds instead I got a very dull movie with shitty jokes 1 out of 10 might have hit its a shame it had a great cast just a shit script