Paradise Now

Paradise Now

Paradise Now is filmed from the perspective of two Palestinian men who are preparing to perform a suicide attack in Israel. This is the first film to deal with the subject of suicide bombers.

Two childhood friends are recruited for a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mek Y (jp) wrote: Beautiful and devastating. Norte fully encapsulates the province of Ilocos with it's striking visuals and lingering scenes that imposes the viewer to the setting. Philosophical and tragic with superb performances from the actors, too.

William M (au) wrote: I now have the passion to stab my eyes out

Matthew S (ru) wrote: (NO stars). Quite possibly the worst film I have ever seen. And I'm 63, so I've seen a lot of films, and a lot of BAD films. I'm glad I saw it on TV, so I didn't have to spend $$ on a ticket. There were moments when I was saying to myself "Well, it could become a kitsch masterpiece", but really, it was just so bad that I wouldn't even want to grant it that sort of dubious fame. The reviewers must have been paid bribes to say that it was meant to be a parody. I disagree. I think that Eugenio Mira and whoever wrote the screenplay have never attended a classical concert in their entire lives. And since they're presenting this film to an equally ignorant audience, they think everybody will just assume that it's realistic. So, Instead of talking about a "concert", let's refer to it as a "show!". Uhm...OK. A concert hall without ushers? Fine. A concert hall without anybody working backstage, except for an old janitor who tends to a FURNACE, for Christ's sake? Well, why not? A piano concerto where the pianist sits BEHIND the orchestra? We've done everything else wrong, so what's one additional teeny-weeny detail gonna hurt? An impromptou encore with the concert's benefactress singing (from her box in the audience, where else?) , and in which the orchestra miraculously starts playing and everything's just FLAWLESS? Bring it on! And don't get me started with the soundtrack! A mish-mash rip-off of smatterings of quasi-Prokoviev, quasi-Rachmanninov, Tchaikovsky (a blatant semi-quote from the last movement of his op. 23 Concerto), and...oh, why go on? I think you get the point that I thought this movie was absolute shit. The big plot "revelation" went right past me (something about a locksmith and a key that opens something or other, but by that time I was beyond caring!) The people who REALLY ought to be shot are the director, writer, and composer. Or at the very least, may they never be involved in the making of another movie.

Chalida T (jp) wrote: It's cool! What more can I say. It will make you jump off your seat!

James M (br) wrote: This was not my ashton, he can do better!

Fernando Jos G (it) wrote: La encantadora Isla Fisher realiza lo mejor de su propia en actuacion pero lamentablemente est sometida a un guion decepcionante que no lleva a nada claro. De ahi, sigue la mala costumbre de gastar dinero en una pelicula totalmente innecesaria.

Richard S (nl) wrote: Small indie film that looks as if it was made on a budget of about twenty dollars but is a surprisingly brilliant zombie movie.The zombie apocalypse takes a back seat for most of the movie as 2 friends take a road trip and face various struggles together in this new post apocalytpic world. The road trip itself provides lots of light hearted moments and turns the movie into a pretty decent buddy movie. It's only as we reach the final stretch that the film turns a little darker and we see the true cost of living in such a world.

Sky C (ru) wrote: Not bad, quite thrilling for certain turns!

Corey C (kr) wrote: Nicole Kidman gives one of the year's most bizarrely sympathetic performances (or maybe I'm just pretty twisted); Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jack Black and Ciaran Hinds aren't slouches, either.

Gordon S (au) wrote: Excellent film. Well depicted. Perhaps there is a vestige of humanity after all.

Ruth S (fr) wrote: People here are saying it's shit. Have you already read the novel? I think they make it better than the novel, which there's nothing more of it to expect, so stop judging without considering both sides. They a better ending than the novel, and that's already an awesome thing to see.

Adam H (it) wrote: if you like black people farting and getting chased by cops this your movie!

Glen S (ca) wrote: Top action. Some of the best fight scenes ever.

Leonardo Malacay S (ca) wrote: Gummo son muchos retazos que intentan ser una colcha pero es una colcha endeble.Personajes encantadores...

Simon T (br) wrote: Quirky hardboiled detective spoof.