Paradise Recovered

Paradise Recovered

A devout young woman learns about faith, living, and love from a surprising source.

A devout young woman learns about faith, living, and love from a surprising source. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paradise Recovered torrent reviews

Maruf I (ca) wrote: Not a bad one. Some adaptation from the Ocean trilogy, some thrills and twists.

Maryland R (us) wrote: Like both of these movies


marianna o (it) wrote: action was fanominal

Paul S (ag) wrote: Not sure what compelled me to watch this but it did have some pretty funny bits. worth a watch if your bored!

David S (es) wrote: Superb performances by both Jan Decleir and Jeroen Krabb highlight this film that is more of a character study rather than a thriller (though that element is certainly present) and as a result the films narrative, while seemingly complex with its bevy of flashbacks, is actually fairly straight-forward and simplistic. Though the resolution ends ambiguously with many questions unanswered, it does add replay value to the film as the viewer can go back in an attempt to decipher what is reality and what is mere fabrication (depending, of course, if such a feat can be done). It's a solid thriller with a rich emotional base due to its main character's complexity but don't go in expecting an intense and thrilling movie; instead this one is all psychological in that it deals solely with fracture mind. If only the narrative is more focused, complex, and richer than this could have been a mind-boggling experience, but as it is it is still a good film. Recommended.

Kate M (de) wrote: Grerat cause Hilary Duff is in it

Nikki W (fr) wrote: little Nicky what is there too say..interesting and sometimes funny movie

Jay B (jp) wrote: Stigmata is a pretty interesting little "possession" film with some very solid performances. If you love the '90s, look no further... from the music, the fashion, the editing... film doesn't get much more '90s than Stigmata. Granted, it's a bit anticlimactic for my taste, but still an entertaining ride.

Noam S (nl) wrote: another beutiful and sensative social drama by travenier

Savannah W (kr) wrote: amazing movie like its really what a 17 year old gay guy would go through

Amanda H (ru) wrote: This movie SHOULD be God-awful, but something about the campy cheesiness of it all appeals to my inner Lifetime-loving drama queen. I can't really even put my finger on what I liked about it. The acting is laughable, the plot is full of holes and none of the characters are particularly realistic or likeable, but somehow it all works anyway. You can't take this seriously, but for what it is, it's surprisingly not bad.

Pipe C (es) wrote: estupida y mediocre pero con sierto carisma, una comedia de terror sin entraas

Robert I (au) wrote: This first is still the best. Skip 2 and move on to part 3.

Black S (kr) wrote: Strong cast (Late great James Coburn & Finney) makes up for some deficiencies in plotline. Underrated Dorian Harewood (Voice of "War Machine"/Col. Rhodes in the Iron Man animated series), and drop dead sexy Randi Brooks put in an appearance. Legions of beauties of course populate this film. I have only seen the edited version, and will review when I find the unedited version for my collection...

Rory M (mx) wrote: Hilarious, ridiculous, gratuitous. Don't expect the most coherent plot, though this film was made much better and makes a lot more sense than its sequel. It's a must see flick if you cherish the thought of a vengeful naked tattooed gambler chick with a samurai sword slaughteri a dozen men in all its blood-splattered glory.

Cam D (nl) wrote: Pretty much the comedy, girly and equally over the top version of Cloverfield. You have to be a woman to really appreciate the crude humour in this.