Parama Veera Chakra

Parama Veera Chakra

A renowned actor Chakradar(Balakrishna) is asked to play a character role, a military major named Jaya Simha( also Balakrishna). But the role is not what it seems to be. Who is Major Jaya ...

Major Jayasimha (Balakrishna) is a great patriot and he is proud of his profession. With the help of a covert, he catches a terrorist Afzhal Ghani and puts him behind bars. A crooked politician gets himself kidnapped and the terrorists demand the release of Ghani from custody. Again Major enters the scene and brings back the politician along with a girl called Razia from the terrorists" base camp. Though, he believes that Razia is the daughter of the politician, she is a member of the terrorists gang. She robs information about Ghani"s movement from Jayasimha"s personal computer and takes him away from the army custody, while he is being shifted from one jail to another. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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