A man is under the illusion he is a wanted war criminal.

A man is under the illusion he is a wanted war criminal. After killing two people he commits suicide. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Paranoia torrent reviews

Ian P (us) wrote: When you watch this movie, you would think that is just another mistress themed movie that goes to the trend of drama movies nowadays. Yes, When the Love is Gone falls on that genre but this one got a different twist that will either shock you or wonder on conclusion when the climax of the story reveals. Plus its story draws from a remake of the movie - which makes it unique and stand-out from other movies of the same theme. It also has an ensemble casts of actors and actresses with Christine Reyes, Andy Eigenmann and Jake Cuenca notable for their performances. Cuenca was so notable for his gay character role of course! The story's twist serves a new taste and takes on mistress type movies for viewers so watching it won't be regrettable and some might like it no matter how bad the concept of the story was like broken family, other woman and lies.

Maxx D (it) wrote: A beautiful documentary that leaves you smiling. Would have been brilliant with any band but the fact it's Metallica is a plus!

Josh F (nl) wrote: Only reason I wanted to see it is because I'm an extra and I wanna know if you can see me or not.

Leo L (au) wrote: Wow! I had already rated this before. Oh well. An interesting movie with David Boreanaz starring. Here is a story about a guy who fixes relationships for others, but when dealing with a relationship of his own it becomes a whole other thing. Hilarious! Definitely worthy.

David L (jp) wrote: Just didn't get where the entertainment value was supposed to come from with this! It follows a couple of girls as they reunite after their uni days, rekindling the memories of their times together, and encountering numerous familiar faces from their past. It just had the feel of a documentary as opposed to a comedy and the concept was just a bit dull. Nothing wrong with the acting as this was portrayed pretty well, but this doesn't make a film alone. I'm surprised by the reviews this has got, and the high praise it has received from critics and the general audiences who've endured it, as I was literally falling asleep through parts of this (maybe I missed the good bits). It's very difficult to relate to as although I've been to uni, only life inside the house was depicted in the movie, and having never been part of an all-girl house it's not something I can understand. I just couldn't sit through this one again as I wasn't engrossed at any point, only impressed by the strength of the actors portrayal of slightly simple personalities. I can see why I'd never heard of this film before, and part of me wishes I'd not been nosey and found this amongst my mothers DVD collection. The other part of me is reflective in realising that I now that my mother and me have very opposing tastes, and I won't be keen to try any more of her cinematic favourites!

Jon H (br) wrote: A good police thriller about a trio of cops trying to track down a serial killer in Amsterdam, with the unique twist of the antagonist popping up out of the city's 10+ miles of canals. Definite remake possibilities, except for the fact that few North American cities have canals.

Johan F (us) wrote: 2/10bad, horrible, dreadful, mind numbing, stupid, cliche, hard to watch and boooooring!

The Critic (br) wrote: More successful than its predecessors at providing edge-of-the-seat entertainment, though no less silly. Followed by 'The Concorde... Airport '79' (1979).

Albert A (au) wrote: Jean Cocteau at his absolute best!

Tracey c (es) wrote: LOVE ALL THE LASSIE FILMS..TRYING TO OWN ALL THESE LASSIE FILM...ON DVD,BUT NO LUCK YET. -------------- Plot: Lassie Come Home is a classic for all the usual reasons: its timeless, universal appeal, its first-of-its-kind status, and its exceptional cinematography, direction, and performances. What make...( read more )s this 1943 charmer especially fun for grownups who haven't screened it since their own preteen, pet-obsessed days, though, is a couple of cute-as-a-button cast members. An adorably over-earnest Roddy McDowall stars as Joe, the mostly hapless lad whom Lassie refuses to part with despite his down-and-out family's decision to sell her, for a paltry 15 guineas, to a wealthy duke; and Elizabeth Taylor, already stunning at around age 10, surrenders a sweet if mawkish performance as Priscilla, the Duke's tenderhearted granddaughter, who lends a hand in Lassie's escape from her family's unkind kennel master and winks her way into winning the fearless pup a permanent place at her true master's side. Beyond that, it's no mystery why generations of dog-loving audiences have marveled at the precocious collie's career--Lassie is a great actor. She so convincingly digs impossible trenches, leaps towering fences, swims raging rivers, knocks out bad guys, and betrays the essence of brokenheartedness with her bedraggled coat and woebegone expressions that it's sometimes hard to shake the suspicion that she's really an incredibly limber person in a cute dog suit. All told, Lassie Come Home delivers a lot to love, not the least of which is the deeply dramatic score--quirky sounding to the modern ear--which returns audiences to simpler, irony-free times, as does the movie's message of loyalty at all costs. --Tammy La Gorce

Aj V (it) wrote: This is a remake of the life of Jimmy Dolan? No wonder I thought I's seen it already!

Jacob E (it) wrote: Another slapstick silent film that was good, but didn't stand out from it's colleagues.

Nicholas A (au) wrote: "I love.....I love, I really do love, I really do. I love and I hate, I hate, I hate because I really do love. I love because I hate you motherfuckers, you motherfuckers!!!"

Gill L (fr) wrote: Truth be told, the only reason I watched this film was because River Phoenix is my favourite actor of all time. If it weren't for him, I never would've given it a chance. However, once I watched it, I really enjoyed how artistic it is. I ended up purchasing it even, again mostly for River. I found his performance the best part of the film as well. He brought a very complex, interesting character to life. The storyline is definitely one that many people would stray away from but it's worth watching. It really takes the viewer out of their comfort zone and makes them rethink a lot of things they thought they knew and had a solid opinion on. There are awkward scenes but they all have meaning and they all will come together to cause you to think and see things in a new light.All around, it's not a movie for everyone but I enjoyed it.