An entry-level employee at a powerful corporation finds himself occupying a corner office, but at a dangerous price: he must spy on his boss's old mentor to secure for him a multi-billion dollar advantage.

An entry-level employee at a powerful corporation finds himself occupying a corner office, but at a dangerous price: he must spy on his boss';s old mentor to secure for him a multi-billion dollar advantage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joanna B (ag) wrote: Remember when you were a child and your mother said 'Don't pull that face or the wind will change and you may get stuck', Clint Eastwood should have listened. The uncomfortable squinting scowling trademark that once carried such an alpha-male menacing glint is now merely a painful movement similar to that of watching paint crack.In the hammiest performance of his career, Eastwood once again carries a trifecta of roles; lead actor/director/producer. Sadly in this instant the film is left feeling unbalanced and unpolished. Like Woody Allen before him, there comes a time to step down from playing the lead in your own films.Walt Kowalski (Eastwood) is a cantankerous and bigoted old coot. Bereaved by the death of his wife the agonisingly narrow-minded man dismisses all forms of comfort and interactions. When well-meaning but cherub-faced priest Father Janovich (Christopher Carley) requests to receive his confession as per the wishes of Walt's wife, he unsurprisingly sneers and begs the question, why would I confess to a "27-year-old virgin who sells superstition to old ladies"?Bitter from spending his life supporting 'his America' on the Ford assembly line and frozen in the memories of the Korean war, Walt faces a future with children who don't want to understand him, grandchildren who want his possessions and living in a decaying neighbourhood that in his opinion is overrun with undesirables.His irrationally racist and antisocial slurs on all "slopes, gooks and zipper heads" are aimed directly at his neighbours; A Hmong family consisting of an equally headstrong grandmother, traditional mother, strong willed daughter Sue and meek directionless son Thoa.When a local gang seek to recruit Thoa (introducing Bee Vang) an altercation erupts and spills over onto Walt's lawn. Immediately defending his property, Walt inadvertently becomes a hero to the local Hmong community who begin to make offerings of gifts and food in thanks, against his protests. Unwilling to let go, the gang reapproach Thoa. Pressuring him into an initiation they demand vengeance for Walt's insult, Thoa must steal Walt's only remaining pride; a fully restored mint condition 1972 Gran Torino.Thoa succumbs and attempts to take the car. After being almost shredded by Walt's overzealous theft protection system (a shot gun), the domineering family women offer him pay his penance in manual labour. Refusing at first, Walt is enraged by the offer but reluctantly allows Thoa (whom he dubs "Toad") to pay his debt by completing handyman jobs he himself would not do. Walt starts to relent on his faux-contempt when he realises the fatherless boy has the potential to become a decent man and begins to instruct him in the clichs of manliness, handy-work and woman-wooing. Walt's demeanour continues to soften when naive tough-nut Sue Lor (Also introducing Ahney Her) is harassed by a group of black thugs, a mixture of guilt and entrenched chivalry towards women prompts Walt to protect her in his usual crass way. Recognising his newly found tolerance Sue pursues the friendship, Walt soon realises he has more in common with these strangers than he does with his own family. Resemble a normal human being, Walt unwitting assists Thoa in getting a construction job and allows Sue to integrate him into their traditional Hmong gatherings. Life in the Ghetto is never that simple. No longer harbouring racial bitterness towards his neighbours, when the gang once again returns for their recruit and is faced with a new united front, the atmosphere declines rapidly and inevitably violent showdown ensues. Gran Torino working from a strong script by Nick Schenk, and using an unsophisticated pale wash of colour creates the correct atmosphere for the style. However, the film lacks the potential to be another Eastwood Oscar contender.Slipping consistently into his one-dimensional Dirty Harry style arrogance, the Walt character seems unexplored for its own unique merit. A further depth of character would have been achieved without the mundane 45 minute hollow introduction, if directed by a second entity.Eastwood's cast is shaky. Surrounding himself with mostly amateur Hmong actors, Vang and Her in their debut roles bring a naivety and immaturity that ads a certain charm in most scenes. This rapport does not carry to other characters, gang members and the grandchildren deliver woefully under par performances. The Verdict: This heavy-handed and somewhat melodramatic piece has the classic blaze of glory Clint Eastwood Style. Although self-indulgent and trite in parts, Gran Torino does have at least 25 minutes worth of well-conceived redeeming action, well until Eastwood decides to strangle his skeleton like voice and croak the opening verse of the closing credits.Published: The Queanbeyan AgeDate of Publication: 30/01/2009

Rahul N (au) wrote: Ajay Devgn- Very Promising Debut as a Director. Beautiful writing, great performances. We love this Ajay Devgn not the Golmalized one.

Tyler W (gb) wrote: I enjoyed this over-the-top high school noir, mainly because there is a wittiness to the script and the story comes together quite well at the end.

Deborah R (gb) wrote: so this movie is weird and kind of pointless. Its like they had an idea but they had no inclination of where to go with it... had potential but was very dissapointing

Liew J (us) wrote: One of the best film by Johnnie To... Brilliant cat and mouse game.... Wonderful performance by Andy Lau and Lau Ching Wan....

Ralph H (it) wrote: Great movie if you like a surreal plot and camera work.Just lay back and let this movie roll over you.One of the best Dutch movies ever.

Biswa r (jp) wrote: A wonderful story of love n lost. An absolute stunning performance by KAMAL HASSAN

Uair S (us) wrote: one of the great movie of all time and extraordinary acting by rajesh khanna

Michael G (nl) wrote: There's good film noir and bad film noir. This is bad film noir.

Laura K (us) wrote: craazzzzyy mov broski, def recom