Paranormal follows best-selling, self-made novelist Greg Evans struggling through the worst case of writer's block in his award-winning career. In a desperate search for inspiration, Greg quickly finds himself immersed in a world he is not prepared to face. Turning to a group of Paranormal investigators, Greg and the ghost hunting team search for proof and answers, yet are unaware they are about to have an experience of a lifetime! None will leave the way they came. Paranormal will peel back the supernatural curtain to reveal how the TRUTH will EXPOSE the darkness!

Paranormal follows best-selling, self-made novelist Greg Evans struggling through the worst case of writer's block in his award-winning career. In a desperate search for inspiration, Greg ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Candice M (es) wrote: Very eye-opening documentary of a botched investigation. Questions not answered/not attempted to be answered here: What ships were in the area that could have done this? What ships had those kinds of bright lights/beacons? Is the theory this was a foreign attack, a U.S. Military mistake or that the military purposefully shot the plane down because of something onboard?

Alex A (ru) wrote: Full of cliches. Plain, not funny enough to be considered a romantic comedy.

Barry S (jp) wrote: The movie "10 Items or Less" is perhaps one of THE dumbest movies I've ever seen. The script is completely lame, and lacks the energy to remotely hold your interest. The only good thing is, it's only an hour and twenty one minutes long. Morgan Freeman should be embarrassed that he even appeared in this. Not even worth a look..

Amy H (br) wrote: As usual British horrors are scary and very thrilling! This one was alright! The plot was different but not very exciting as it pays more emotions than the actual subject.

Spencer H (ca) wrote: Dull, boring, everything a comic book movie shouldn't be.

Kim W (jp) wrote: Sad (sometimes funny) story inspired by Andre the Giant written by Billy Crystal.

Vera V (us) wrote: I am a Neil Simon fan. I greatly enjoyed watching this movie. It is a nice blend of comedy and drama. I can relate to some of the underlying family drama ... deeply moved by Aunt Bella ...

Jason P (ca) wrote: There's a spirit deep within you/that must remain concealed Where the heart of a warrior/can never be revealed Back to the shadows Back to the shadows - ohhhh Back to the shadows Back to the shadows - oh-ohhhhhh

Oliver O (es) wrote: the not worst movie i have ever seen but we remember so much from the first movie but so little from this one this one feel forgettable and predictable and romance is smiler to one you would see in a superhero movie the only thing i like was the sound track in some ways you can call it a vintage High School Musical

miles k (br) wrote: the first horror film I ever watched. I never understood it's R rating (I watched it when I was 10)

Tim R (es) wrote: Barbarella is so campy and silly that it's hard to get a serious review and rating, but this classic won me over even with the evident flaws. The style and look were wonderfully unique and as an artist I found myself curious of the choices made with the fashion, sets, and overall design. It borders on being kitsch but I would say it's worth the watch if you're looking for a visually-propelled film that is fun to laugh with and at.

Bob V (ag) wrote: Bizarre proponent of Hollywood's Gothic cycle, of which Hitchcock's "Rebecca" is the prime example, and also the main inspiration for director Lang to make this film.Unlike "Rebecca" this film lacks rationale or even a plot that makes sense, but its odd mixture of chick flick, thriller, Freudian study, philosophical work, and above all, its excellent cinematography, give it an eerie vibe which far transcends the merits of the film on its own.In short: it shouldn't be any good, but by a stroke of luck and/or genius, it bloody well works.

Mark P (es) wrote: Bizarre old Bela Lugosi film where he plays an old rich guy who seems to have gone a little crazy after he found out his wife was cheating on him.. Anyway, for some weird ass reason one of his servants is keeping her locked up in his attic so she can recover after being in a (supposedly fatal) car crash, and she periodically falls into a trance and goes to visit him, which somehow causes Bela to become hypnotized himself and start murdering his houseguests and servants. They even bother trying to explain why exactly this would be happening, but like many super-cheap '40s B-horror films, the focus is more on making an entertaining film rather than having all of the pieces fit together and make sense , and this was pretty enjoyable with nice performances by everyone. I got it for 30p and watched it drunk, so I can't complain.

Russell H (au) wrote: somewhat funny, kind of annoying. The misunderstandings are less funny than than they are frustrating