Paranormal Asylum

Paranormal Asylum

Filmmaker friends Mark and Andy investigate the legend of Typhoid Mary, a girl who was locked up in an insane asylum that was believed to be haunted. But bad things start to happen after Andy's fiancée conducts a séance to summon Mary's spirit.

Mary Malone was committed to a NY insane asylum to live in solitary after being blamed for spreading Typhoid Fever in the early 20th Century. Now, nearly 100 years later, two aspiring filmmakers set out to discover what really happened. What starts as a simple investigation turns into a battle for survival, as they discover Mary may be dead, but she's certainly not gone. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos R (mx) wrote: I am so happy that they changed up the formula for this one. This was a breath of fresh air after so many of the exact same origin stories told over and over again.

Lia C (br) wrote: The idea was interesting but the storytelling was a bit scrambled, and rather confusing. Definitely could have done better, but it was cute nonetheless!

Guilherme E (us) wrote: Tricky, heavy and controversial. Strange Circus is what it is: strange. Everything you watched will be thrown away near the end, that hits you when unprepared, a blitzkrieg, and when it happens, it will be over before you realise that you been lied to, leaving you intrigued everytime you think about it.

Pia A (jp) wrote: La vi dentro de los pases de la semana de "la conciencia negra", y me encant tanto la historia, como la fotografa del barrio de carioca de Lapa, y la banda sonora tambin.

Colin B (de) wrote: Superb. Potentially biased as I love this film.

Michael C (jp) wrote: A wonderful celebration of liberty, immigration, and multiculturalism. It shows the free society to be imperfect but superior to authoritarian and socialist alternatives.

Kayla K (us) wrote: It was fun to dress black and white,and share of this crustacean's plight.To earth! For its herding groundsa place for all teenagers' frowns'cause alien parents ain't right.


Cordelia W (es) wrote: The dialogue is whip-smart in places, but overall this is all too consistent with pro-war propaganda... when it could/should have been more subversive.

Matthew C (kr) wrote: A man hitting 50 may have just gone around the bend in this frothy little comedy from 1948. When he and his wife decide to take a trip to the Caribbean, their marriage seems to be on the rocks. As she is wooed by a dashing young military man, and believes he has fallen for a sexy and very forward swimming champ. But, while he has fallen in love, it isn't with the brash, perhaps wanton athlete, but with the sweetness and innocence of a certain mythological sea creature. Or, has he simply cracked up? William Powell is spot on as the good natured, if a bit distracted lead, and the rest of the cast handles the material quite well, especially the delightful scoundrel Clinton Sundberg. Well worth taking the time to check out.

Ricco N (it) wrote: I watched this movie by accident at HBO. quite good and entertaining but if you a guy who worried about details like me, this movie is not for you.

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