Paranormal Entity

Paranormal Entity

Twenty-three year old, Thomas Finley was arrested for the murder of his nineteen-year old sister, Samantha, as well as the murder of fifty-two year old, Edgar Lauren, a Professor and paranormal investigator.In the early morning hours, Police were called to the scene by Thomas Finley himself. He was found inside with his sister's body cradled in his arms.After questioning, Thomas was taken into custody. In his police statement, Thomas claimed that the victims were attacked by a demonic entity of unknown origin. Days later, he committed suicide.It is the opinion of those closely related to the family, that this video found at the scene be shown to the public as a final testament to what actually happened inside the Finley home in those final days.

A paranormal investigator named Thomas was convicted of raping and killing his sister, and murdering Dr. Edgar Lauren, a psychic. He then is wrongfully imprisoned. But then a D.V.D. proves that nothing human caused Samantha's death. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joseph J (gb) wrote: The acting in the movie is absolutly awful. It was like they read the script 5 minutes before they did their scenes. The story would have been ok if the acting was a lot better and if the main character didnt seem to bring on herself most the time. This has to be the worst lifetime movie ive ever tempted to watch.

Jamie C (us) wrote: Solid sequel and again very clever and gory, Some great twists keep the film from getting predictable.

John B (ag) wrote: That rascal Marcello Mastroianni is wonderful as the man who tries to orchestrate a scenario to kill off his wife to hook up some young thing that he has discovered. Delightfully devilish.

Samantha M (kr) wrote: Marlon Brando. As a Japanese guy. With eye-narrowing makeup. Just say no.

James H (nl) wrote: Nightcrawler is one of the best crime thrillers of this decade. Jake Gyllenhaal is Oscar worthy (and I feel like if this had come out in the 70s, he would have won an Oscar and this film would have got best picture, similar to Drive), anyway, what makes him so good is that he is able to make a character that could create mixed opinions, and make him likeable. The cinematography is beautiful and the director was able to utilise LA well. The score was also euphoric and the tension was built well in the bigger and bolder scenes. I love the way the film handled the ethics of what Lou is doing as well because it's subtle enough that it doesn't take away from the story, but not subtle enough for you to not realise that they are there.

Toby J (ca) wrote: Fun film with lots of laughs, and a good general watch!