Dharam Singh is a honest farmer in rural India, and lives with his sister, Bela, who is now of marriageable age. One day both brother and sister witness a murder, and haul the killer to the...

Dharam Singh is a honest farmer in rural India, and lives with his sister, Bela, who is now of marriageable age. One day both brother and sister witness a murder, and haul the killer to the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Paras torrent reviews

Kara H (jp) wrote: Boring. This could've been presented so much better. Lost interest quick.

Lorraine B (mx) wrote: Really good movie for people who believe in God and even for people who don't. It shows the true meaning of going to church and even makes you want to go. I am a 14 year old girl and I loved it. I recommend that if you haven't seen it you go and see it. It is worth it.

Edgar C (it) wrote: Such violent manifestations, be them emotional, physical or psychological, most often carry a complex troubled background, and they are the most immediate remedies our soul can find to externalize our inner demons. When one is in such alarming state, the person becomes extremely dangerous to society, that same society that gave him/her birth. It is, therefore, impossible for that person to cope and to find an ideal place, because the state of mind is doomed to be volatile and destroyed. For such a person, it is equally easy to inflict violence just like it is easy for the soul to cry when you hear God's calling.Peter Mullan stars as Joseph, a man with no family and no valuable or healthy friends to help him fight against his inner demons. On the contrary, they contribute to his downward slowping spiral in a more subtle manner. But the world is the world, and it shall stay like that. The only options we have are either to stay strong, or to fall, like the song "Sing All Our Cares Away" by Damien Dempsey says.His counterpart is Hannah, a Christian owner of a charity shop. This is not a religious film. Rather, one of the topics present is how people stick to their believes and fight against any possible source that questions them. It also touches briefly how we are experts at judging the entire lives of people that we have never known with very little evidence. Truth is, we do not know anything about anybody. We do not even ourselves perfectly. We are a puzzle that we do not understand. That is why we need others, but most importantly, God.Paddy Considine directs a short array of characters in an extremely depressing film. The film is honest and very real, so those looking for an idealized story proceed with caution or stay away. Nevertheless, a proper emotional balance is created halfway through after the sequence of events have punished audiences enough, with a soothing scene that represents one of the few moments of joy in the film:Michael's out of workFeels he's sinking in the murkHe's unshaven and a messFinds it hard some days to dressStevie smashed the delfCos he can't express himselfHe's consumed by rageLike his father at his ageRita's little childHas a lovely little smileBut this means nothing to her fatherBecause he's never even seen herWe singSing all our cares awayWe'll liveTo fight another dayYeah, we singSing all our cares awayYeah, we'll liveTo love another dayWe grow strong from it allWe grow strongOr we fallWe grow strong!74/100

Michael R (br) wrote: Cheeseballs, Who Wrote This....

Jeffrey M (it) wrote: Martel is one of the best female directors working today - her body of work is obviously smaller than someone like Claire Denis, but her style and approach is no less distinct. This film in particular captures the humid atmosphere of South American middle class (?) decay palpably well. Hints of Wertmuller, Pasolini, et al.

Anya S (br) wrote: Loved this movie! The look was so cool and new to me when I was a kid. I will never forget the ending scene when the nerdy girl got both of the pins down and won it for her team.

rufio C (au) wrote: A family that kills together, stays together

Zachary M (au) wrote: As a child's first exposure to the tale of Treasure Island, this isn't a bad start. The characters, both the human and classic Muppets, are very fun to watch. Tim Curry might as well be a living Muppet, so he fits right in. The songs are also extremely catchy and will have you singing them for a long time to come. However, I must say, I feel the film hasn't aged too well. It still has its enjoyment factor, but a lot is lost in the years between childhood and seeing it as an adult. And with some many other kids films still holding up so well, you can't really make an argument that that's what happens to all these kind of films. Fun, but there are certainly better Muppet adventures to be had.

Brogan R (it) wrote: It was alright, but all the trippy flashbacks really take you out of the movie because of the horrible camera effects. It just seems a little too disjointed.

dan b (gb) wrote: This Christmas Carol adaptation has Walter Matthau perfectly cast as Scrooge, but some of the songs really suck which make it drag at times.

Ed C (ca) wrote: One line summary: Ineffective mostly kid-safe horror film.---------------------- Five school friends (Sharon, Brad, Laurie, Ethan, Jim) organize to spend Halloween in or near the Jarvis Mine. The abandoned mine is said to be haunted by the ghosts of the Jarvis family, who were murdered so that greedy parties could steal the mine. They bring miner's hats and some climbing supplies (ropes, matches, food) to stay overnight. They make a short descent down a fairly shallow shaft. They find the Jarvis daughters' toys, plus dynamite, tarantulas, and all sorts of stuff. Things are going fine until someone burns through the heavy rope tied to their base at the level of the mine opening. They try to climb out the way that they came, but fail. So they try alternate routes. Jim is too large for some of the passages the group attempts, plus he is claustrophobic. So the party separates. Clever. Jim is stuck where he is until someone can extricate him from above, that is, the place where they came in. The remaining four push on and find more artifacts from the Jarvis family. They follow fresh air. At one juncture, Brad leaves his backpack behind, and goes back to get it. He falls (well, perhaps is pushed) to his apparent death. Sharon, Laurie, and Ethan rush on a bit too quickly. How many of the scares are Halloween pranks, how many are something unexpected?-----Scores----- Cinematography: 5/10 Varies considerably, from crisp and nicely shot to full-on shaky cam found-film nonsense. Sound: 4/10 There is a whole lot of mumbling going on, punctuated by loudness. Acting: z/10 I hate to fault the actors when the script is so bad. Screenplay: 0/10 Scary? No. Thrilling? No. Engaging? No.

Roberto U (au) wrote: Very evocative movie especially considering that none of the cast are professional actors. Good story. Great insight into a society we normally don't see. A very honest film.

Deke P (mx) wrote: Cary Grant and Alan Hale.