Paul Dean has created a deadly parasite that is now attached to his stomach. He and his female companion, Patricia Welles, must find a way to destroy it while also trying to avoid Ricus, his rednecks, and an evil government agent named Merchant.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:1982
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:alien,   gang,   scientist,  

Paul Dean has created a deadly parasite that is now attached to his stomach. He and his female companion, Patricia Welles, must find away to destroy it while also trying to avoid Ricus and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jacky L (nl) wrote: sitting through flicks like this made me realise just how goddamned patient and tenacious i am. (masochistic too) the stilted dialogue, cliched caricatures:( alcoholic mom, asshole boyfriend ... long list goes on) ...i wish you ill, mr director!

Cesar C (de) wrote: Pretty lighthearted German teen flick which you can guess how will unfold the moment it starts. Not my pick of the lot, but you know what: It was quite a fun way to practice my really unpolished German. Watch it if you want to unwind and grin and aren't bothered by relatively not complex story lines from time to time.

Sarah (jp) wrote: I really hoped I would like this movie, that it would be deep and emotional and entertaining. But I was wrong. I was just really bored. i couldn't get attached to any of the characters. A lot happened - plot wise - but I just didn't care. Perhaps if I actually knew anything about the Spanish revolution or any Spanish history, this might have meant something to me. Yet, since I don't, it was all just went right over my head. I couldn't even tell you what the purpose of some of the main characters was. All in all, maybe it's good - because objectively, a lot happens and it's "interesting - but personally, I just didn't care. What did this movie teach me? There is a lot that I don't know about Spain.

Bryan P (ag) wrote: I've seen better acting in porn movies.

Cody M (de) wrote: While ultimately, and unfortunately, underwhelming, 'Lo' still brings wit and intrigue to a very simple film. Lo, the demon, is compelling and makes you want to continue through the back-and-forth dialogue even when you could care less for Jeez as a main character. The beautiful and touching ending of the film is really what saves this film, which otherwise may have been just another interesting demonic character piece. It's not the same level of Sam Raimi, but it's really not trying to be.

Private U (it) wrote: Really eye-opening look at Barry Goldwater, the man who ran unsuccessfully for president in 1964. Basically, the message of this movie: he wasn't as batshit insane as we thought he was back then. While he definitely wasn't the right man in '64, he showed bravery by bucking the GOP party line and attacking the religious right and supported abortion rights and gay rights. A rare breed indeed.

Tim B (fr) wrote: Today was a sick day for me: which consisted of a head cold that left me so congested, I couldn't even speak without sounding like I had a mental disorder. So now was the perfect timing to take the day to watch a few easy, older horror flicks and I started my day right with Dr. Giggles. Now, I had watched this ages ago and remember thinking it wasn't as bad as most claimed it to be... I guess the nostalgia in me was speaking strong 'cause lapped up way more on this recent watch... first off, the movie did in spades EXACTLY what it was supposed to do first... ENTERTAIN ME! I was so amused by this one, my mind didn't stray far from the source material. Dr. Giggles doesn't arse around here and his antics cracked me up. The giggles were crept/funny, the set-ups were fun and the one-liners cracked me up. The flick did carry some original bits as well (one in particular involving a flashback with a cadaver... I'll leave it at that) and its gory moments were brought on thick. The kills are definitely the best aspect of the movie. Even though they're extremely over-the-top, most of them are still pretty gross and if you dig on the gore in a horror flick (I sure do), you'll be given a full course meal of violence to fill the fix for days. Manny Coto goes batty with the camera and throws in a ton of creative shots in here. Especially loved the shots from inside the body. Coto knew there wasn't much of a story here, so made up for it with his creativity. Well done. Larry Drake OWNS the role like nobody's business. He was creepy, cheesy, funny and even a Tad pathetic with the character. He ran with it and succeeded big time. Holly Marie Combs did decently with what she had. Some of her lines did make her look bad in parts, though. Cliff De Young delivers as the caring dad. Glenn Quinn underplays it and is convincing as the 'cool guy' boyfriend. Special mention to Michelle Johnson as the whiny, bitchy stepmother. She does it very convincingly. On the downer, the movie just follows the mold way too easily. No suspense will be found here, the characters are all obvious stereotypes (virgin, sluts, black couple etc) and the layout of it is Basic Slasher 101. The people who watch this flick are gonna (clearly) be horror fans. How about throwing some surprises in there? Maybe tweaking the script a bit? At least some character development? Originality? ( I smelled at least 15 rips from other horror franchises/flicks in here). But dammit, this one still gave me a good time and made me forget I was sick as a dog, so it gets my vote. Fun slasher for people who dig on fun slashers. When you're down and can't drink or kill an enemy, throw on Dr. Giggles and you'll definitely get some easy smiles for better or worse. Bam...

Douglas S (br) wrote: A competent movie. Clint Eastwood is good in the role but the rest of the movie is a bit lifeless. The movie never really got past competent but it is watchable.

Joo J (es) wrote: Best pimp movie with the MAck

Niccolo F (gb) wrote: A groundbreaking film from acclaimed cinematographer, Haskell Wexler; this film is thought provoking. Interesting uses of lighting, and camera movement. The acting reminded of Godard films where the characters possess a vulnerable disposition and dialogue that lacks the superficial, Hollywood cadence. This film juxtaposes fiction and documentary, and the outcome is something marvelous.

Gordon W (ag) wrote: Most people don't know this was scripted by "Twilight Zone" writer Rod Serling.

Kyle W (it) wrote: I've finally watched the masterpiece of a film that is Citizen Kane, and let me tell you one thing: all the praise this film gets is VERY VERY VERY well deserved.

Jaime L (gb) wrote: Music really wasn't my thing and that was what the movie had going for it. Certainly top notch sound even if not to my liking, unfortunately the story overall was simplistic so I couldn't fall back on that. The "love" angle in the film was rather misleading for instance, really "Once" might as well be a collection of music videos.