After a strange meteor destroys a communications satellite and crashes into Tampa Bay, a sickly looking fish finds itself the meal of a beautiful nightclub bartender named Val. Moments later, as the bar is closed and locked tight, the infected Val becomes ill and all Hell breaks loose. Hidden from the others, the parasite she has unknowingly eaten rapidly grows, bursting from her throat and becoming the puppet master for the chaos ahead. With no possible way to reach help or escape, the trapped club-goers must fight to survive and plan to destroy the creature before it is let loose into the world.

A group of friends become trapped inside a nightclub with an unseen terror. Unable to escape, one at a time they fall victim to the ravenous, bloodthirsty beast. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Parasitic torrent reviews

Emily S (fr) wrote: Really enjoyed this movie!

Carolyn G (it) wrote: I made it about 20 minutes.

DreamsComeTrue3 k (nl) wrote: oh ya DFINETELY AMMAZIN!

Andy P (us) wrote: Wow. Very boring, and no chemistry between Hayek and Farrell. A disappointment to say the least.

Jess G (ag) wrote: With such great actors and such a splendid premise, I feel like this movie had the potential to be a much more gripping, exciting, moving, and momentous feature than it actually was. It was far from terrible, but the first half was good and it got my expectations up for a second act that would be much more cathartic. The relationship between the father and son seems stagnant and remains unresolved, despite implied promises that they both would learn about each other from the trip; however, the acting was a delight and it was very quotable.

Elgan D (it) wrote: A grimy little drama that whilst passible entertainment and a good performance from Kilmer offers no lasting impact.

Russell G (nl) wrote: It is hard to understand why this sequel was necessary since the first movie was so bad. Once again, this movie is not scary enough to be a scary movie and not funny enough to be a comedy. Surprisingly, the camerawork and acting was a slight step above the first one, with the exception of Shevonne Durkin was terrible. While I did appreciate the attempt to better explain and incorporate the legend and folklore of leprechauns, I will not say it was a total success. I may say it a slight step above the first movie but the plot is still messy and even with a better concept to, it is still a weak effort. The leprechaun is just not a formidable villain to work with and it is inconceivable how it spawned a whole franchise of movies.

Aaron C (it) wrote: a childhood classic that made me learn so much about the tokugawa shogunnate

Leslie B (fr) wrote: a sweet movie. i felt so bad for the main characters. i was crying throughout the whole movie. highly recommended, great story & cast. one of kurosawa's best works. this film is a must see.

Ellen G (it) wrote: Syntes den var litt kjedelig. Var bare en vanlig film som man har sett flere ganger fr.