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Peter W (us) wrote: Astron-6 does it again just brilliant

Al H (gb) wrote: Alan Rickman saves the movie.

Steve B (it) wrote: Holy crap this was awesome

Steve W (us) wrote: A gay love triangle results in deadly consequences in Law of Desire. A film director dates two men, and one of them gets a bit too passionate, and commits murder. Its a bit slow to get started, but it ends with a bang.

Tony P (ca) wrote: A film from 1969 that brought the 'hippy' mantra to cinema into the seventies amongst a conservative United States backdrop.The film focuses on two main characters nicknamed Captain America (Peter Fonda) and Billy (Dennis Hopper) who embark on a road trip on two glorious motorcycles, from Los Angeles to the New Orleans Mardi Gras festival with the proceeds of a succession of drug deals.Along the long journey across the American West they pass icons including Monument Valley.In the middle of the film a young Jack Nicholson who plays a drunken lawyer George gets the pair out of jail and for a while embarks on their journey.The film showcases several scenes of substance misuse and activities that can only be described as shocking to audiences then and now including a drug trip in a New Orleans graveyard.The film was produced on a shoestring budget and directed by Hopper produced by Fonda.For me the stand out parts are the soundtrack that includes some classics from the period. Jack Nicholsons' youthfulness,and the disturbing and abrupt ending.

Brian B (au) wrote: George Hamilton is rather funny, but the movie is a bit dry considering the subject matter.

James H (kr) wrote: Meet the Parents is a funny and touching comedy with great comedic performances from Robert De Niro, who at the time made an out of character role for him look like his speciality, and Ben Stiller, who plays one of his more endearing characters in a funny manor as well. The film's subject matter is relatable but the director takes it in a more unrealistic route which makes it funnier.

Monique R (gb) wrote: The only thing good about this movie is Charlize - Charlize - Charlize!And despite my despise of every Twilight movie, I actually think that Kris is a great actress! (check the history). But, could they not have cast such a horrid Snow White????? The overall "idea" of the story was awesome (aka Ravenna's story). They dropped the ball everywhere else.I actually like "Snow White: A Tale of Terror" better - no lie! ??

Grant S (ca) wrote: Pretty dull. Quite unoriginal, borrowing a lot from robots-gone-rogue movies like Bladerunner. Really adds nothing to the genre. Only two highlights are the great soundtrack, and Russell Crowe's acting. Crowe gives a great menacing performance as the rogue robot.