Pardon Us

Pardon Us

It's Prohibition, and the boys wind up behind bars after Stan sells some of their home-brew beer to a policeman.

It's Prohibition, and the boys wind up behind bars after Stan sells some of their home-brew beer to a policeman. In prison, Stan's loose tooth keeps getting him in trouble, because it ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Martin S (ru) wrote: J'ai bien aime malgre la simplicite de l'intrigue. C'est bien de voir notre Vik Sahay national dans quelque chose qui a du bon sens... ;)

Dan M (ru) wrote: A fun little distraction from the seriousness of reality. I am becoming a fan of Mr. Coscarelli's brand of silliness.

Des S (it) wrote: This was a very enjoyable movie to watch. I found it to be very romantic and exciting.

Bruna R (kr) wrote: Peter once asked me when I fell in love with Jack. And I told him, "It was while you were sleeping."

Lori B (ru) wrote: This is a beautiful movie, with amazing cinematography capturing the unique beauty of the Australian Outback.

Stephanos M (mx) wrote: very good movie I enjoyed it

Jose Luis M (mx) wrote: An recuerdo que me impact cuando la v en los ochentas por primera vez, una historia que necesita un buen remake.An no vi la versin de Louis Leterrier.

Tommaso D (mx) wrote: While having some credibility issues and some ostentatious aspects, Eastern Promises stays above water by taking the best from an incredible Viggo Mortensen and surprises with its thoughtfulness and emotional depth.

Landon E (gb) wrote: With everything Pixar does, this one was pretty meh.

Harry W (ru) wrote: I didn't expect much from Return of the Magnificent Seven because as its title suggests it is an unnecesarry sequel to a popular western film, and considering that four of The Magnificent Seven actually died in the first film, it cannot actually be a return as the title suggests. But hey, there could have been some good action in it so I figured I would give it a chance.As expected, despite riding the name of The Magnificent Seven in its title, Return of the Magnificent Seven never succeeds at riding the high country. The problem is that it is a sequel to a film which is a remake of the Japanese classic Seven Samurai, and the original actually had an important story which was being transferred to a western context intelligently, staying true to the original in terms of nature and story while failing only to capture the culture of the original due to being transferred into a new one. Not only does Return of the Magnificent Seven not feature the Return of the Magnificent Seven because four of them are dead, but the story is so generic and formulaic of the western genre that it becomes juts another basic western film. While Return of the Magnificent Seven is decent in parts because due to the convincing visual style of the film such as the production design, costumes and scenery the film feels believable, and it is filmed nicely as a whole with the action sequences being singled out for praise, but storytelling is not one aspect it succeeds at.Before I go into detail, I will say that the only reason I watched Return of the Magnificent Seven was because it had Yul Brynner returning to the role of Chris Adams and in hope of some good action. And in that sense it did have some decent action sequences which capitalised on the strong nature of Paul Vogel's cinematography and is edited all very nicely, as well as the fact that due to a decent amount of blood the theme of the film had it feeling like a spaghetti western for much of the time which is sensible to say due to the fact that it is filmed mainly in Spain. So while Return of the Magnificent Seven could have delivered more action, what it did deliver was entertaining and was fairly well made. But aside from the action, Return of the Magnificent Seven was mostly poor form. The only other good aspect was the musical score. Despite not really deserving its Academy Award nomination due to being way too similar to the music from its predecessor except weaker, the music in Return of the Magnificent Seven manages to give it the large scale adventurous feel that it wants and makes the feature slightly more tolerable.The story feels way too much like a rehash and only features Yul Brynner returning from the original film. It doesn't even attempt to be anything new because its dynamics are so cliche and they follow the plot structure of the first film in The Magnificent Seven so closely that it is not even funny. Seriously, the entire film and especially the final scene contains nothing but mimicked plotting from The Magnificent Seven and gives Return of the Magnificent Seven nothing to stand on its own, leaving it merely as a routine effort which shows director Burt Kennedy's talent for making western films but not for making memorable ones. The script in Return of the Magnificent Seven is weak enough, apparently weak enough to prevent Steve McQueen from coming back for the film which was a smart move on his behalf, but the fact that Return of the Magnificent Seven couldn't even capitalise on the legacy of the first film well enough and simply took its name and only one actor make it a seriously unsatisfying film. Return of the Magnificent Seven is forgettable, because there is little to distinguish it from essentially every other no-name western film ever made, so it does not live up to the legacy of its predecessor and retains the label of simply being a mostly unknown and unnecessary sequel, just like many other western sequels such as Rooster Cogburn, the poor quality sequel to the Academy Award winning western film True Grit.And also, the audio dubbing is poor. Unlike in many other western films where the dubbing is poor because the language is foreign and the English dubbing is simply cheap and quick, in Return of the Magnificent Seven, the dubbing is terrible because although all the actors speak English the words they say are heard about half a second after the actors' mouths actually move, and that is a rookie mistake in filmmaking. It reminds us that the editors did not do a better job than the rest of the filmmakers. So Return of the Magnificent Seven has technical flaws to back up its weak storytelling, although the worse aspect is clearly the story of which there essentially is none.Lastly, the cast in Return of the Magnificent Seven is mostly forgettable. None of them establish any kind of impact except for Yul Brynner who is memorable simply because of the fact that he was in the first film in The Magnificent Seven series. At least Yul Brynner's natural cowboy heroics in the role of Chris Adams manage to make the experience a little bit better because Chris Adams is a fairly good cowboy hero and Yul Brynner establishes that through his gritty line delivery and natural charismatic hero persona. So Yul Brynner is a bright spot in the dull film that is Return of the Magnificent Seven.But despite the presence of Yul Brynner in the leading role and some decent action moments, Return of the Magnificent Seven is an overlong and dull film which is nothing but a generic western with a big name and an Academy Award nominated musical score which is nothing but a forgettable western film that is the sequel to a really famous one.