An interracial couple is attacked and the woman is gang-raped in a random attack. This prompts the woman to commit suicide and the man decides to seek revenge from the inside by joining the gang. However, once inside he learns of the reasons (poverty, social rejection) for their existence and starts developing a kinship until he is asked to kill someone to prove his loyalty.

An interracial couple is attacked and the woman is gang-raped in a random attack. This prompts the woman to commit suicide and the man decides to seek revenge from the inside by joining the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam V (es) wrote: One of the most compelling and emotional character pieces I have ever witnessed came from Tom Hardy who portrays Ivan Locke in a 90 minute film set solely in the confines of his BMW X5. Director Steven Knight does a terrific job at making this movie feel dark and atmospheric, and keeps you glued to your seat through the use of the terrific screenplay he conjured for this film.

Xenomorph F (fr) wrote: watched it mainly to see Ken Foree he's one of my favorite actors.

Robyn M (es) wrote: Free of cody banks! Freddie Muniz is delightful with a wonderful unconventional friendship story.For Muniz birthday he gets "skip" a terrier with whimsy character and extrodinary talents to do tricks, attached to the hip (in theory). Skip helps score Muniz the girl of his dreams, make friends and fend off bullys. This is a cute tale not only for childern to enjoy but the whole family. such a gem for the animal lovers.

TTT C (kr) wrote: Here's some film ratings.

Cassandra M (br) wrote: Rarely does Troma release a "high-quality" movie. That's a big surprise! Every time, we get the puzzled feeling of their reputation in bringing us the best of the worst. DEF BY TEMPTATION is an exception, however, so it's no big deal that Tromaville gets whatever their fans can chew on. Even with an all-black cast, it's a very well made flick on an independent level. The dark atmosphere is what really makes this hot and spicy. It has a style of its very own, a vampire horror opus that involves seduction, eroticism, and, murder. Noteworthy is Samuel L. Jackson as a priest, but for an early screen appearance, don't expect much. If you're used to those 70s blaxploitation horror classics, including ABBY or SUGAR HILL, then consider this to be a special alternative to those glory days, only in a more updated fashion. A rock-solid example of how to make a personal movie, ladies and gentlemen.

Robyn N (nl) wrote: "We are going to kill one passenger a minute until New York City pays us $1 Million.""The Taking of Pelham One Two Three" is a perfect example of a tension filled, wonderfully constructed, and extremely entertaining thriller. It's a testament to "Pelham" that it has been remade twice--once as a made-for-TV movie, and the other as a big-budget action picture. However, the decision to produce these remakes hasn't yielded satisfying results. Peter Stone earned an Oscar nomination in 1974 for his screenplay, which is adapted from John Godey's 1973 novel. You can count among its biggest admirers Quentin Tarantino, who borrowed the color-coded nicknames of the villains in the film for his band of thieves in "Reservoir Dogs."Four armed men hijack a New York City subway train and demand $1 million dollars which must be delivered in 1 hour for the release of the passengers held hostage. Lt. Zachary Garber (Walter Matthau) of the New York City Transit Police must contend with City Hall, the demands of the hijackers, and the ticking clock in his efforts to save the passengers and bring the hijackers to justice. The initial hijacking plan doesn't seem to make any sense because their options are so limited. At one point Lt. Garber jokingly says: "They're gonna get away by asking every man, woman and child in New York City to close their eyes and count to a hundred." But there is a clever getaway plan coordinated by Mr. Blue (Robert Shaw), who plays a former mercenary soldier. His team members include two professional criminals and a fired motorman (Martin Balsam) with a grudge.The main strength of the film is the acting. Shaw, Balsam, and Elizondo each get to play to their own specific skill set. Shaw is cool, devious, and calculating. Balsam is a working class, somewhat decent, criminal. On the other side of things, Matthau is at his sardonic best as Garber. Little time is spent on the back story, subplots, or exploration of motives. It's about a subway train, the bad guys, the good guys, hostages, and money. That's it. comparing the original to the 2009 Tony Scott-directed remake, where substantial screen time is devoted to such concerns, the movie falls well short. Do yourself a favor: instead of watching the remake, seek out the original. It's an urban thriller with charisma and a vitality all of its own.

Jonah G (gb) wrote: pretty much an entertaining diversion.

JoJo L (au) wrote: This is the worst movie E - V - E - R.

Randy T (au) wrote: Lancaster gives Robert Stroud far more character, class and compassion than he ever deserved. Taken as fiction, Birdman of Alcatraz is good cinema.