• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:125 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Parinati 1989 full movies, Parinati torrents movie

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Parinati torrent reviews

Dov D (ru) wrote: This may be the worst weather-based film ever made. I'm not even going to dignify this movie with a full review, because it definitely doesn't deserve one. Bottom line, the only reason anyone should ever watch Super Cyclone is if you're doing it for the drinking game of taking a shot every time someone says the phrase "Super Cyclone". You may be thinking, there's no way that they can say such a ridiculous phrase that many times; but I assure you, try iit and you'll end up thinking you're in a cyclone half way through.

Gav H (nl) wrote: Seems to have been strung out with no effort to edit. Scenes of Germans advancing with disregard of cover or position begged questions about warcraft direction.

Rem Z (de) wrote: dnt knw about dhoom but i`ve seen dhoom 2 like a million times and it is sik :)

Debbie V (it) wrote: Sounds like it may be pretty interesting, never heard of it before A Dangerous Method, but would like to see it..

John B (ag) wrote: Um yeah. This whole thing is set up to be one of those movies that women sit around the television and watch and have a cry over and talk about what a group of talented women can put together if given the opportunity. Somehow it doesn't quite rise about the levels of movie of the week. What a shame.

Mike B (au) wrote: Schizophrenic, lazy and very irritating. Incoherent four-split screen novelty fails to hold attention for even a few minutes. What a waste of a talented cast.

Caleb V (de) wrote: I assumed this was a movie about WWE legend sgt wasn't......disappointed.

Brandon V (nl) wrote: It reeks of wannabe-classic.

Asif H (jp) wrote: Had it`s moments but you can see the comic talent of Jimmy Fallon thus he went on to become a successful late night talk show host in the US

Juan B (mx) wrote: Buenas actuaciones de Noriega y Shepard. Paisajes asombrosos y fotografa impecable. Buen western Cassidy its Back!

Erin C (ag) wrote: So sad, yet beautiful. I wasn't a fan of the ending.

Ariel F (it) wrote: What a school tragedy. LOL

Winny C (mx) wrote: Past and the future other says that they want to go back on their past life for the revision of mistakes & missed opportunities they had... this movie shows that the mistakes in past the future will gonna cope into a right consequences for it's circumstances... it's really funny that naive or uncivilized person use modern technology in new generation... i luv this film so enjoying and relaxing...