The film is set in the pre-Independence orthodox 'Namboodiri' Brahmin community. Widowed at 17, only three months after being married to an old man, a young Brahmin girl has, therefore, to ...

The film is set in the pre-Independence orthodox 'Namboodiri' Brahmin community. Widowed at 17, only three months after being married to an old man, a young Brahmin girl has, therefore, to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Valtteri M (us) wrote: This is the second movie I've seen from Sang-soo Hong (the other one was "Night and Day"). Both of them have given me lots of things to think about and really have been great experiences. I met him when came to the Paris Festival de Cinema, and I kind of think he would wish to be like the director in this film, which he is is not. ;)

Fernando C (nl) wrote: "Whisky" is a good surprise coming from Uruguay that you should see. "Whisky", written and directed by Juan Pablo Rebella and Pablo Stoll, was produced in 2004 and is the second (the first was "25 Watts" in 2001) and last movie from the duo since Rebella committed suicide (Stoll meanwhile made another movie "Hiroshima" in 2009). The movie and the writing/directing team received multiple awards including the FIPRESCI award from the "Un Certain Regard" section in Cannes and the awards of Best Latin-American Film in both the "Goya" (Spain) e "Ariel" (Mexico) awards. "Whisky" tells the story of a man, Jacobo Koller (Andrs Pazos) that lives alone and owns a small socks factory in Uruguay. The mother, whom Jacobo took care, died after prolonged illness and now Jacobo's brother, Herman Koller (Jorge Bolani), who emigrated to Brazil and owns its own factory, decides to return to Uruguay to attend a private ceremony honoring her mother after missing out on her funeral. To avoid Herman from realizing the emptiness and aridness of his life Jacobo asks an employee, Marta Acua (Mirella Pascual), to pretend to be his wife. Marta is alone and also her life is made up of the work routine but, in opposition to Jacobo, Marta wants contact, interaction and seeks it. Jacobo's proposal provides Marta the chance of affection (or at least she thinks it might). "Whisky" is competently directed by the duo Rebella and Stoll. It is not a poetic film (like for instance Nothing Personal, movie in which the lead character also avoided affectivity), rather it is a movie about the reality of lonely characters. The directors show this routine reality and suffocating life (it maybe a metaphor for a certain Uruguay?); every day Jacobo gets up, goes to his neighborhood factory, where Marta already waits for him, and deals with the small problems of the day. It's a life without the chance of spontaneity or affectivity, because Jacobo is closed to the outside world (he is a unaffectuous man). The movie direction is revealing, initially in the repetition of frames and gestures from the characters giving the idea of routine and then keeping everything extremely and summed - dialogue lines as well as interactions between Jacobo and Marta are kept at minimum as well are the expression of character's feelings (almost inexistent in Jacobo and unsuccessfully repressed in Marta that is always waiting for something to happen). In counterpoint to Jacobo and Marta is the character of the "foreigner" (Herman) always more relaxed, spontaneous, showing affectivity and having a fluidity of speech that does not exist in the other two characters - Herman is in peace with life because life turned great for him. Of course this only amplifies the contained resentment of Jacobo. The photographic moments, in which the characters are asked to smile by saying "Whisky", are revealing of the characters' state of mind and mood. The movie owes a lot to the lead actors? performances, especially Mirella Pascual as Marta. Andrs Pazos e Jorge Bolani are effective and competent (in particular the Pazos) but Mirella, and because the character allows it, manages to print a brilliant subtle sentimental quality to the performance. A good movie. *** (3/5)

Pat M (au) wrote: god, it was awful. the dialogue was completely unbelievable and sound was off the whole movie. b/c of that, it was awesome.

Paul N (ca) wrote: This will draw you in, with a great mixture of emotion.

Greg R (jp) wrote: This is one of the straight-to-dvd sequels that I thought was pretty enjoyable. I am a big fan of Don Bluth, but he has made a few clunkers, and this film does have some of the faults that are in Bluth's weaker films, and while I do think Bartok's voice is a bit annoying, however I actually enjoyed this movie, and it might be one of Bluth's more under-appreciated films.

John D (nl) wrote: this movie easily takes romeo & juliet but makes juliet a bad a**

Ryan T (it) wrote: An incredibly inventive tale that contrasts the views of today with that of the 50's and shows the power of change through unique and beautiful cinematography.

Henrysmovieguide C (gb) wrote: A kid's movie classic. A little weird, but so much fun to watch. This movie launched Culkin's career. Very funny and good.

Greg W (it) wrote: well crafted bio-pic of jerry lee lewis

Lauren J (br) wrote: One word... weird! Liked the bits with Gary Oldman though!

Brooke W (gb) wrote: It's the best movie ever made and It has my favorite music and band doctor and the medics

Michael W (ca) wrote: Drug agent is ordered on vacation after his partner is killed in the line of duty, prompting a flight to South America pursuing the killers. Strictly a formula cop/action film but its a winning formula. Kosugi's career likely held back by his lack of command of the English language.

Sarah P (gb) wrote: The book was way better. the movie, not so good.

Jack H (mx) wrote: (Marriott Laguna with mom dad Greg John)

Conrad T (kr) wrote: It's hard to stay awake watching it. Even if you did not fall asleep, it's hard to know what it was trying to tell you.