They fall in love before they know its meaning, Lolita, orphaned at an early age & Shekhar, who reaches out & gives her the security she craves.They share joys & sorrows through childhood & adolescence,unknown to them the relationship of an unspoken right they hold over eachother metamorphs into an intense love, they don't even sense coming. It Takes and outsider for them to realize their love.

The lifelong romance between Lolita (Balan) and Shekar (Khan) is upset by the arrival of another man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stewart S (fr) wrote: Based on Patrick White's novel, Fred Schepisi's The Eye of the Storm is a frolicsome, surprisingly humourous, and ultimately moving portrayal of the decay of a rich dynasty. Charlotte Rampling plays Elizabeth Hunter, a dying matriarch who summons her itinerant children home from their disappointingly unsuccessful lives to be present at her death. (The title refers to a storm she survived as a younger woman, making her believe can choose her own moment to go.) But her children are far more concerned about the inheritance they might receive. This is an actor's film, almost seeming a theatrical piece at times that showcases the talents of the three main actors. Rampling is spike-tongued and tactless and yet, as always, remains luminous, even as she falls into insensible death. Judy Davis is brittle and dynamic as the penniless, divorced French Princess struggling to retain her glamour. And Geoffrey Rush is obsequious and yet entirely feckless as the failed actor, Basil; his voice over full of delightful wryness. Most notable of the supporting cast is Alexandra Schepisi, the director's daughter, who has a delicious naughtiness and great sensuality to her nurse. And an unrecognisable Helen Morse manages to make the bizarre, theatrical German housekeeper sympathetic and tragic. She, along with the carers, seem to be the only ones who have true regard for the dying woman.Schepisi wisely lets the drama play itself out through the character dynamic, though there are some directorial flourishes that seem to focus unsubtly on the decay of the family - constant cracks in walls lingered over or a button popping as Rush eats yet another sweet. It could all have been very contrived under a lesser director.Ultimately this is gently moving, as the hen-pecked siblings come to terms with their past, their circumstance, and achieve a redemptive forgiveness towards their domineering mother, as she finally relinquishes control. It is in no way as gloomy as it could be, with some lovely played humour, a jolly jazz score, and is a delightful excursion into a decadent past.

april b (gb) wrote: tulsa people should go see this movie! support local filmmakers and our awesome non-profit circle cinema.the movie was lovely. it was nice to see the complications of a love affair that has been going on for 40 years or so. the 2 leads are mesmerizing and beautiful.also it has my awesome sister's awesome boyfriend playing a redneck named elvis. that's right aaron riggs is in his second movie!

Peter K (nl) wrote: film sa dobre pozera napr. na chate s kamosmi ;)

John R (ca) wrote: 160203: This is a quaint Disney film. Bullying and struggles of being an outsider play a large part of the story. Because I'm pissed at Disney my rating may be skewed slightly. Put me to tears in the last quarter dammit. Due to it's slower pace; don't think this film would keep young children interested long. It is a good story but just a might slow. Some great, some weak special effects. The acting was hit or miss but features some big names. Hutherson's portrayal of the morose Jesse was well done. Not sure I'll be keeping this film but reflecting on it brings back some good memories.

Matthew M (ru) wrote: Your opinion on the topic will depend heavily on your stance on healthcare in the United States. Nevertheless, Sicko is still a well-made, funny and insightful look into a controversial system.

Anisa M (kr) wrote: Hilarious movie with a hearty storyline of being proud of your roots!

Brittany J (es) wrote: A fish out of water story like it's never been told before .

Cody L (ag) wrote: One of the best films about friendship I've seen. The two leads provide excellent performances and really make you feel the bond between them.

Michael M (de) wrote: A different kind of WWII film about the personal battles of war.

Sgt C (kr) wrote: (64%) An above average 80's crime action drama that boasts a fine performance by Robert Forster, as well as big Fred Williamson being pretty good too. Not as shockingly brutal as the "Death wish" films but still has more going for it than the average flick of this type.

Ben T (it) wrote: sat through the entire film straight faced, not even a chuckle. it even less funny than epic movie or disaster movie