Paris 36

Paris 36

A star is born in a time of both celebration and instability in this historical drama with music from director Christophe Barratier. In the spring of 1936, Paris is in a state of uncertainty; while the rise of the Third Reich in Germany worries many, a leftist union-oriented candidate, Léon Blum, has been voted into power, and organized labor is feeling its new power by standing up to management.

A man is charged with murder. He is Pigoil, the aging stage manager at Chansonia, a music hall in a Paris faubourg. His confession is a long flashback to New Year's Eve, 1935, when he ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Paris 36 torrent reviews

Franois M (fr) wrote: Intrigue qui fonctionne tout de mme bien. Personnages intressants, surtout celui de Franck et celui de Henri... Mais de nulle part arrive un inspecteur si mal jou et dirig qu'il agace. Des scnes rotiques, voir mme pornographiques qui semblent tre places uniquement pour choquer. Un thriller intressant.... Sans plus.

Carena J (br) wrote: Really strong performances from all of the cast, especially Lyiq Bent. The storyline was interesting, relevant to the current migration crisis and a fascinating portrayal of the Caribbean, a place that is too oft overlooked as a vacation destination/crime hotspot, at the expense of the stories and experiences of the people.

Gatan D (it) wrote: Prachtig hoe deze film de jaren '70 terug in beeld heeft gebracht.

Jaclyn W (kr) wrote: I really loved this movie. It seemed low budget but the storyline was great and very thought through. I loved seeing the story unfold, and trying to figure it out myself! Very suspenseful and thrilling.

Facebook U (ca) wrote: An uneven but mildly comic look at the seat-of-the-pants lives of a group of ragtag aid workers serving in the waning days of the Balkans conflict of the 1990s. The film, somewhat reminiscent of "M.A.S.H." but with an Eastern European accent, gets better as it goes along, making up for a somewhat slow-paced and often-forced opening 40 minutes. The chemistry of the ensemble cast and the solid performances of Tim Robbins and Benicio del Toro do a lot to help shore up the material, which could have used some judicious pruning and snappier dialogue. Overall, not bad, but, if you have better viewing options, take those instead.

Matt M (ag) wrote: awesome flim of family guy

John S (ru) wrote: Complex & multi-leveled., If you know something of Israel & Berlin it will mean even more to you. Great Inventive film

Keating T (ca) wrote: The is the "Rounders" of pool, so if you like pool, it's a must watch.

peter w (ag) wrote: 3/4 A well made action, dark comdey. Has really good acting.

Jessica J (gb) wrote: such a bewildering and true story

Harpreet S (br) wrote: A fine film, but with flaws. Liv Ullmann is very good in her performance, Sydow could have been better. My favorite parts of the film were the beautiful close-up shots of Ullmann. It is not the type of film you expect from Bergman.

Weul S (ag) wrote: Orpheus, but black. In Rio. During Carnival. Absolute garbage.

Rober S (us) wrote: They don't write stories like this anymore.The reviews here are pretty accurate. I agree that the exquisite French finery does smother the story a bit. But all the same it was delicious biting into this rich French pastry.

Melissa S (au) wrote: How many times can you tell the JFK storyline? This one is really good & is focused on the people who experienced the tragedy. The cast-superb! I almost didn't realize Tom Welling(the gorgeous Tom Welling) was in it. It keeps you focused on what's being told. You forget about J.F.K. & even that Seinfeld episode, lol.