Paris à tout prix

Paris à tout prix

Maya Ben Latif has the life that most women dream of: she is pretty, smart, wealthy, and she has a great job. But one night, when a problem with her gets involved, she is, therefore, ...

Maya is living the ultimate fashionistas dream: she is working as a stylist for one of the French trend setters... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Paris à tout prix torrent reviews

Daniel S (ag) wrote: Some enjoyable jump scares and a spooky setting, but very little of any lasting substance. Equivalent to a run through a cheap haunted house attraction around Halloween.

Benito R (kr) wrote: These types of films are just becoming so routine, predictable, and outright boring. However this films rushed ending makes the rest of the film pointless.

Stewart H (fr) wrote: Pratchet does not write fantasy. He writes satire - brilliantly!

TheRookieWriter M (gb) wrote: Fucking stupid concept. The lady got a thing for a FUCKING BEE. A FUCKING BEE. The animation looks nice, but was there any thought put into this script?

Juan C (ru) wrote: I understand what haters hate the most of this movie... the money, the good characters, the plot, the excellent visual effects and the incredible cast. Just because a movie has excellent production budget doesn't mean that is lame. I honestly believe this movie is one of the best histories made -for -movies

wissam K (fr) wrote: like 2 much fantastique movie all charator done very wel

Torion O (de) wrote: I went to the theater hoping to see another movie, but it was sold out. I chose to watch this instead, and I honestly forgot what the other movie was. That's another story, never mind. This movie is really weird as in it takes scenes to a ridiculous level, which kind of makes it funny.