París bien vale una moza

París bien vale una moza


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Sean S (es) wrote: This is a good film with a great story begging for actors other than Demin Bichir to carry some of the story. He carries it single handedly. Whatever your views on immigration this is a story of family and struggle and can be difficult to watch at times.

Deasy A (ag) wrote: inspiring and encouraging!

Nico S (nl) wrote: Besson creates a very interesting and compelling character portrayed perfectly by sjdbdi. And the relationship between Portman's character and Leon is really fleshed out and makes you care in the end. Other than that, there's not enough of Gary Oldman or any other villain to make a compelling plot, the characters are compelling enough, but the plot is too thin.

laura b (jp) wrote: Not as good as the original, the original I felt like you didn't need to have read the book to understand. This one I felt like you really needed to have read the book to know what was going on.

Steve E (de) wrote: Dreadful. I saw this film when it was issued. Most film adaptations have to make some changes from the book (the Devil Rides out is a good example - it simplifies but basically follows the plot) the only connection between the book "To the Devil a daughter" and the film is the name. It was a completely different story. The book, whilst reflecting Wheatley's political and social views and being rather anachronistic when read 30 or 40 years after publication, was nevertheless a compelling read. The film was just rubbish.

Gilberto C (kr) wrote: I can see why they won't make these type of films be filmed in Hollywood. That's why most European films achieve success!

Jeremiah H (mx) wrote: I really like the art direction. And the script is really witty. The music, as music tends to do in musicals, tends to get in the way of the storyline. It would be a lot better if it weren't a musical at all.

Nigel K (au) wrote: The best things I can say is that it wasn't as bad as I imagined it could be and its better than the Bodyguard. Two best things? The soundtrack & actually there isn't a 2nd thing.

Matt B (us) wrote: Invictus is a little too long/slow-moving for me, but Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela? That's reason enough to see the movie. He's fabulous.

David S (ag) wrote: What a steaming pile of crap. 90% of it is filmed of a night, and the scenes are too dark to make out what is going on. Cliched villains and weak twists will waste 1 hour 48 of your life.